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Meet the Cast

Trevor Ridley — A down on his luck smuggler trying to make name for himself any way he can.

Fi. — A rude Jawa Technophile, who probably smells bad as well.

Jinn Bedzon — A just Jensaarai trying to make sense of the world.

Myla — An ex slave trying to find a place where she belongs.

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Ohh the Places they Have Been.

Geonosis – Rocky Desert type planet with an insect like native species. The natives are currently engaged in gorilla-warfare in one of the last remaining resistances to the newly created Empire.

Nar Shaddaa – Hutt Controlled world in the Mid Rim. This planet is essentially one big city. A hive of Scum and Villainy.

Rorak 5 – Space Station in the Rorak System known for its ruthless slave trade and auction.

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Friends and Allies

General Riisk – Riisk is a Geonosian General, a high official in what is left of the Geonsian resistance. I group that opposed the New Empire and all it stands for.

Riko Yavin – Riko was a friend of the former Sunrunner captain. He has a fondness for the ship, and always knew Calen Star to pick great people for his crew.

Peppi Graff – Peppi is an old friend of Trevor Ridley and Captain of the Nabooian Queen. Peppi is always willing to help his old friend.

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Enemies and Rivals

Droova – Droova a bounty hunter once Captained the Sunrunner when he took it from a mark he killed. He later got it stolen by Calen Star. Droova wants it back, no mater who’s captaining the vessel.

Gulga – After having an Engspice shipment destroyed by the crew of the Sunrunner. The party has made Gulga’s radar. They don’t know how much or little Gulga knows of their identity, but probably guess there is a bounty on information of them.

Vandis – The party doesn’t know much about this man other than he Rumored to be a former Jedi and that he is believed to fly a YT-2400. Vandis is responsible for an attack on Naboo that led to Tamra Kortha being put a cryosac . How that sac ended up on the Sunrunner the party isn’t quite sure of.

Nova A ranking member of TaggeCo who Hired Vandis. A Rival to Earnest Eveningstar and now a Rival to the Sunrunner Crew. Nova hasn’t had direct contact with the Crew but her actions have changed the crews lives and their actions have gotten the crew on her bad side.

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