Jinn Bedzon

A warrior through and through, with a secret to hold and a story to share...


Wheres a specialized set of armor modeled after that of the Vornskr, wears a charcoal gray cloak. Carries an SSK-7 heavy blaster, and a unique vibrodagger tucked into his sash.


Jinn Bedzon is the son of two former Jedi Knights. His mother Eswen Jrill was a Nautolan, Specializing in the light saber style of Makashi. Jinn’s Father was a Zabrak named Raien Bedzon, who specialized in the light saber style of Shien/Djem So. Both were outspoken critics of the Jedi orders policies. While working closely together the two developed a friendship, that quickly turned into love. They were married in secret and left Coruscant, for the planet Myrkr where they could live in peace away from the Jedi order. Life was difficult, however due to their ingenuity, it was also good. Soon enough they conceived a child who was very strong in the force who they named Jinn. They continued their training and meditation, showing their young son the ways of the force.

Time went on and through their meditation they felt pulled to a planet in the Suarbi system, the planet Susevfi. They booked passage on a merchant freighter and found their way to the planet under the guise of refugees. They arrived on the planet and searched out the presence of the force that had drawn them there. They discovered a group of Jedi, and force sensitives led by a former Jedi named Nikos Tyris. These Jedi were forming a new order called the Jensaarai, hidden followers of truth as they called themselves. They believed the way Raien and Eswen did, and the two felt finally at home. Life was good Eswen and Raien went about training the young Jensaarai in their respective Light saber styles and quickly gained a position in the leadership of the young order. Soon however, life would change dramatically.

As their training continued the Jedi became aware of the Jensaarai presence on Susevfi and believing it to be a new Sith cult arrived to eliminate the organization. Eswen and Nikos along with two other leaders of the movement stood before the Jedi and battled them, while Raien used his mastery of the force to keep the other Jensaarai, including his son, hidden from the Jedi. The battle was difficult the Jedi were true masters of the lightsaber, and as the battle progressed Eswen sensed the presence of the dark side emanating from Nikos Tyris. She had been deceived, perhaps unknowingly, by Nikos. She sensed he was truly lost to the dark side, with her senses distracted momentarily her adversary took advantage of this opportunity broke past her expert defense, and cut her down as Jinn looked on. The other two Jensaarai were cut down and without his flanks protected Nikos was quickly defeated as well. One of the Jedi mortally wounded by Eswen flung Nikos into the building where the other Jensaarai were being concealed, killing him and releasing a tremendous blast of dark side energy collapsing the building. The collapse of the building trapped the other Jensaarai inside, and killed Raien… Jinn’s father.

Jinn and the other Jensaarai dug their way out from the rubble and emerged outside. The bodies of the Jedi and Jensaarai were taken away when the Jedi withdrew, including Jinns mother. Jinn found the remains of his father including his lightsaber, he kept the weapon to always remember his parents sacrifice to protect him. Jinn grew up in the only family he had left the Jensaarai, learning their ways and teachings. He grew up still remembering the deaths of his parents, at the hands of the Jedi. He forged his apprentice armor and modeled it after that of the Vornskr, native to his first home of Myrkr. As time went on and his training was nearing a milestone Jinns advancement to the rank of Defender, he grew confused. He blamed the Jedi for his parents death all these years, but he was sensing dark side energy in the new leader the Saarai-kar. He left on his pilgrimage to find cortosis ore to forge his Defender armor and mark his rise into the top ranks of the Jensaarai. However as he went out into the galaxy and heard stories of the Jedi, his confusion only grew.

The clone wars were happening all around him and he tried to stay out of the way of the war, however Chancellor Palpatine issued Order 66 against the Jedi. The Jensaarai decided to hide in case this order was aimed at all Force users. Jinn was out on his pilgrimage when this happened and decided he would not return home, in case he was followed and brought more trouble to his fellow Jensaarai. Jinn had no love lost for the destruction of the Jedi, however his code of justice made him regard the massacre of an entire group, and the loss of so much knowledge a tragedy. He viewed the new empire as a threat to not just force users but everyone in the galaxy. He did his best to make ends meet, while avoiding any sort of imperial attention. Working as a bodyguard, or mercenary seeking out contracts that allowed him to help those in need. One day while on planet he ran into the captain of the Sunrunner, who was planning on running the imperial blockade of Geonosis with a load of much needed cargo. Jinn viewed this as his chance to get off planet, and to possibly have a great adventure that would bring him answers to the questions that had plagued his mind for so many years.

Jinn Bedzon

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