The Sunrunner Legacy


Although the Sunrunner crew had not yet fully uncovered the truth surrounding Deliliah, they none the less blasted off Corellia to get away from the HEAT they had been accruing. After they jumped to some empty space to decide their next move, they received a faint distress hail from Peppi, Capt. Ridley’s old friend that had saved their skin once before. Peppi was in desperate need of a new part for repairs to his hyperdrive.

Capt. Ridley, knowing that he owed Peppi a huge favor, decided that the Sunrunner would make its way to a Chandrila, a well-developed planet to pick up the needed part, a Hypermatter Reactor Igniter.

Unbeknownst to Ridley, an Imperial fleet was making its presence known in orbit and attempting to intimidate locals, who were well known critics of the new Empire.

The Sunrunner landed in the planet’s capital, Hanna City.

After speaking with some locals, the consensus was that the best selection of parts could be found out at Jesse’s Junk shop. As the crew strolled in to find out if the shop had an HMRI in stock, the hyper vigilant sales associates immediately denied entry to Fi. The shop was apparently all to aware of Jawa’s well deserved stereotype as technophile thieves. Capt. Ridley satisfactorily explained that the smelly Jawa was part of his crew and would be ok, and even suggested an associate shadow Fi, for ‘safe measure’.

Capt. Ridley was able to find and flag down the owner of the shop, a younger woman, Jesse. He was caught off guard by her down to business and serious demeanor. Of course she had the part needed, so Capt. Ridley showed her the list of possible upgrades the Sunrunner was in need of. Shockingly, she had every single item on the list in stock. The Captain made note and intended to return to her in the future, in hopes to negotiate a returning customer discount.

While on their way back to the Docking Bay, Caleb radioed in urgently that they needed to hurry, it seemed like there was some sort of trouble. The crew entered the docking bay to see nearly an entire squad of Imperial Storm Troopers in front of the ship. Caleb was being questioned by the lead Trooper and there was body on the ground next to him. The Sergeant demanded access on board the Sunrunner but Caleb refused, stating that he was just following orders and it wasn’t his ship.

The crew approached the Stormtroopers and asked what was going on. A Corporal refused to answer and demanded that we leave the area. In an unusual move, Capt. Ridley was direct and responded that he was the owner of the ship and demanded to know what was going on.

However before the trooper could comm to his superior officer, the sound of a blaster echoed through the docking bay. Trevor looked over just in time to see Caleb crumple to the ground. There was no time for shock however. Jinn immediately drew his own gun and fired point blank at the officer they were speaking to moments before. Things had gotten personal.

The Stormtroopers turned and began filling the air with blaster bolts, the crew hunkered behind conveniently placed cargo containers. Although landing well placed attacks from behind cover, the crew knew all to well that soon enough the Stormtroopers would begin their flanking maneuvers. Capt. Ridley jumped from behind a corner and landed a masterful dive shot killing his flanker. As he lay sprawled out on the ground, he rolled and twisted, returning fire while avoiding hits. Fi was small enough to fit between 2 large containers and continued to snipe the Imperials in the back without them noticing his location. Jinn rounded the corner of the container he was using as cover to come face to face with a Stormtrooper, both rather surprised and unprepared, aiming guns at each other and firing simultaneously. Both took blaster hits, but Jinn cringed and kept moving forward. Kneeling over to check and make sure the Stormtrooper wasn’t going to be getting up, Jinn was hit with a hail of blaster bolts from 2 other Stormtroopers behind cover near the Sunrunner’s boarding ramp. Just before the pain overwhelmed even his toughened threshold, Jinn reached out to the force and let loose his frustration, causing a huge blast of energy that ruptured the fuel tank of a nearby powerloader, the resulting explosion killing both Stormtroopers. Myla ran to her downed groupmate to check his condition before she herself was hit and crumpled to blaster fire.

Capt. Ridley & Fi looked to be in dire straights! The Captain thought to check and see if Caleb was alive or conscious and softly whispered over the comm radio that they REALLY needed his help. Moments later, a previously unheard of blaster shot rang out and the Stormtrooper closest to the Sunrunner fell forward, shot in the back. Sensing it was safe to emerge, the medical droid AMY lowered the boarding ramp and waddled over to Jinn and began to immediately begin first aid. As Fi let loose a final lethal streak of bolts into the last remaining Stormtrooper, the Capt. ran over to Myla and was able to patch her up enough so that she could walk onto the ship.

AMY helped Caleb to his feet and aided him hobbling into the ship to begin medical care. The Capt. and Fi ran aboard the ship to begin the power up process. Jinn being the last one up the ramp, turned to notice the body that had been lying at Calebs side when the fire fight began. He went back and used all the last of his remaining strength and hauled the body aboard the ship.

The Sunrunner quickly rose from the docking bay before swiveling and hitting the massive sub-light engines hurling them into orbit.



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