The Tagge Company, usually shortened to TaggeCo, is a company owned by the House of Tagge. TaggeCo is based, like the House, in the city of Unlos Tagge on the planet Tepasi. For a time, it was allied to the Trade Federation; however, this partnership ended sometime before the Separatist Crisis, during which the House of Tagge declared its allegiance to the Galactic Republic. It is one of the largest megacorporations in the Galaxy.

It is the parent company of Bonadan Heavy Industries, House of Tagge Mining Company, GalResource Industries, Mobquet Swoops and Speeders, Gowix Computers, Trast Heavy Transports, Tagge Industries Shipyards Limited, the Tagge Restaurant Association, Tagge Restaurants, Biscuit Baron, and Lantillian ShipWrights. They also sponsored the Team Tagge swoop racing team.

There are also mining stations associated to TaggeCo.

TaggeCo’s internal slogan is: “With TaggeCo, you have a friend in the Family.”


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