The Sunrunner is a modified Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-1930 transport. In fact it was the first YT-1930 transport the Corellian Engineering Corp ever built. It was hi-jacked and stolen during a test flight by Calen Star a job that made Calen famous/infamous overnight.

Some say the fact that the first ship was stolen, led the Corellian Engineering Corp to quickly scuttle the 1930 design after a limited run in favor of the YT-2000.

The Sunrunner was later lost by Calen Star in a high stakes Sabacc tournament on Nar Shaddaa to Roti Lle a Toydarian businessman and darn good gambler. Roti however was not as good at hiding the Sunrunner from the Corellian Engineering Corp as Calen was. Roti paid the Corellian Corp over double for the ship in order to keep it and avoid imprisonment.

It was rumored that Calen Star upset over the turn of events, actually payed Roti Lle back the money he was forced to fork over.

A few years later Roti Lle was killed by Wookie bounty hunter Droova, it was believed the job was commissioned over some unpaid gambling debts that Roti Lle racked up with some unscrupulous people. As part of the payment of the job, Droova took the Sunrunner for himself.

Droova didn’t have the ship long however. Calen Star hearing about the incident, tracked the bounty hunter down, and for the second time stole the Sunrunner.

Calen Star has been running odd jobs in the ship ever since. Though Droova publically humiliated over the theft, and vowed to get the ship back and kill Calen Star.


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