The Sunrunner Legacy

Why Are We Here?
And what the heck we carrying?

After the Sunrunner made it through an Imperial Blockade and landed on the planet of Geonisis. Captain Calen Star told the crew to wait on the ship for him until he returned from a personal errand.
882 realsize
The crew waited.

And waited…

Finally they had a bad feeling about things and decidided to try and investigate. While trying to find the location of Calen Star’s Comlink transmitter they came across a timed message that after some waiting any maybe a bit of Jawa handiwork played the Following Message from the Captain:

The Skies Over Geonosis

Paisaje geonosis

The last time we left our heroes they had discovered the truth about their cargo. The hull ended up being full of weapons, much needed by the Geonosian resistance to continue their struggle against the new Empire. After listening to the message from Calen Star again in disbelief they decided to honor Calens wishes, and also save themselves. Danger was fast approaching just as Calen had claimed it would.

No Good Deed...

Crevice city revised

Last time our heroes made it through firefights and pursuit by imperial fighters. They made it to Crevice city on Alderran and were looking forward to some rest and recovery, as well as time to repair their damaged ship. Trevor negotiated the price for docking while Fi worked on repairing their damaged ship. Knowing how this strange group of aliens worked, he fixed the critical components first and worked his way down to the secondary systems in case they needed to leave in a hurry. They had a few moments of peace which they all badly needed, but peace it would seem, isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.

Once More Unto The Breach

Last time our heroes made it to Crevice city on Alderaan. They managed to remain disguised on the peaceful planet, as well as not getting into any confrontations. They were able to put the refugees they had been carrying into the hands of the hospital staff on Crevice city. They attempted to return Tamra to Naboo, however once they got her home she lied to the authorities and said the Sunrunner crew was responsible for the attack on Soreu falls. The officer however, did not believe her due largely to Trevor’s magnificent ability to think on his feet and convince the officer he was Dr. Rosenthall from Alderaan escorting Tamra back for help. She ran off, Jinn pursued her once the rest of the group obtained a speeder they went after her as well. Jinn had hoped she merely panicked, and acted out of fear this unfortunately was not the case. He used the force to block her path and held her until the rest of the Sunrunner crew could arrive. With the help of the local law enforcement they put her into custody and headed back to the ship, where they set course for Nar Shaddaa.

Nar shaddaa

Hell Hath No Fury

Last time our intrepid crew made it to the planet of Nar Shaddaa in search of a Nautolan named Riko Yavin who supposedly had answers for them they desperately needed. After searching Nar Shaddaa they headed towards Riko, where they were attacked by a local swoop gang. The Sunrunner crew were able to easily defeat their attackers and head towards their objective. They arrived in Riko Yavin’s shop and found the answers they needed, including the information on a former Jedi turned mercenary by the name of Vandis. Riko also told them about a job he needed done that the crew readily accepted. The crew left Riko on their way to do the salvage mission, when they ran into an ill tempered Wookiee named Droova. Apparently Droova owned the Sunrunner at some point in time, and was determined to get her back. Droova ruthlessly attacked the crew hitting Jinn in the chest with a blast from his bowcaster, as well as hitting Fi with a savage attack. The crew was saved by the most unlikely of saviors—hired goons from Kurka a local Hutt crime lord. Apparently, Trevor worked for Kurka and lost a shipment of his a while back, and Kurka was going to collect. He gave the crew a mission: to retrieve or destroy Engspice from his uncle Gulga. The crew left with their lives and a sense of urgency; it is not often a Hutt gives out second chances.

Rorak 5

The crew left Nar Shaddaa and traveled to Rorak V, a space station in orbit of the planet Rorak IV. The station is a sort of neutral ground with various factions and the Hutt clans selling their ill gotten goods, particularly slaves. An asteroid field stands between Nar Shaddaa and Rorak V, and the crew must take precautions traveling through the asteroid field. Jumping out of hyperspace right before the asteroid field, they navigate carefully through the various rocky obstacles. Jinn takes up his position in the upper turret to destroy any wayward asteroids, as well as fearing a retaliation from Droova at some point. Nerves are definitely high, but the trip through the asteroids is uneventful and the Sunrunner sets course for Rorak V and jumps into hyperspace.

Situation Normal
Myla had been trained well, and she knew what her first priority should be: heal up and rest from Rorak V. But that wasn’t going to happen. Ever since she had seen her body on that damn vid screen in the ‘Legitimate Business Cantina’, Myla had been distracted and only the deadly threats of Gulga’s defenses had kept her from full-blown obsession. That woman could not be her—there was no way. Every moment of Myla’s life had been monitored and cataloged by the Trainers. Jedi girl by nitro comix But it was her—the face she looked at every day in the mirror had been on that screen, making faces that Myla had never…well, it couldn’t be her. As soon as she reached her room, Myla locked the door and went straight for the vid player. From her pocket she drew out the adult vid she’d found at the Market on Rorak V, Jedi Jezebel and the Buttrayal. A sick feeling in her stomach, Myla began to watch the vid, forwarding through various acrobatic and versatile performances, until she came to a recognizable face. Yes, the face was the same, but she didn’t need to look down for comparison—those were definitely enhanced. The woman must be a slave, too, as she was marked on her shoulder, but it wasn’t the same black triangle that lined Myla’s own shoulder. In fact, as Myla bent closer to the screen, the mark on the woman looked as though it had been smudged. And reaching back to feel the ridges through her shirt, Myla did not see the scars left by the Trainer’s whip on the woman’s smooth-skinned back. What the hell? Unable to watch anymore, Myla forwarded to the end credits: the woman’s name was Irene Skycrest, starring in a PorSec of Corellia. Shit. She only knew one person from Corellia, and it was humiliating enough that he and the rest of the crew knew about her doppelganger’s porn; now she had to ask him a favor about it.

Cold Storage
Of mynocs, zombies, and kumquats

250px mynock negasWhen we last left our “heroes” they were fending off a fearsome flock of mynocs while reeling in a cache of medical supplies and the damaged medical droid “A1m3.” While Jinn and Myla took potshots from the hull of the Sunrunner, Trevor suited up and went to join them. Since previous owners of the Sunrunner had apparently never planned on sending children into the deadly vacuum of space, Fi had no space suit and was stuck inside the ship, fiddling with switches and trying to play a game of “Whack-A-Mole” by sending power spikes wherever the vicious little bastards were. Also, he sent them to where the mynocs were. Eventually the mynocs were defeated and Temporary Acting Captain Fi reluctantly opened the airlock and allowed the rest of the crew back on board.

Upon returning to Nar Shaddaa and brokering a deal to sell the medkits, our heroes decided to relieve some stress by engaging in a little shopping! Among the purchases were a few grenades for Myla and Fi, which if this were a play would have been an example of setting Chekhov’s gun on the mantle, but which in this case was more like losing the keys to Chekhov car. Fi also paid Riko Yavin a visit to enlist his aid in upgrading his carbine blaster with an enhanced targeting system and a sweet ass paint job with flames and an awesome looking wizard on the stock.

Sweet Home Corellia


JEBBLE, final entry:
Blasted our way out of orbit just in the nick of time, as the thermo-nuclear cleansing began. Couldn’t decide where to go next so headed back to NarShadda for the time being.

Kaleb arranged meeting with his dead fiancé’s father at the Meltdown Cafe, who turned out to be Earnest Eveningstar…cant say I was that surprised. Found out that Earnest had specifically hired Calen to not only get his daughter back but for Calen to rescue his own son (NICE OF YOU TO TELL US NOW). Calen had hijacked his old ship back from Droova to complete the mission.

Earnest revealed his rival’s name, Nova Solaris. She has apparently canned Vandis since his failed his last two assignments, partly in thanks to the crew’s efforts, HaHa. Also Vandis has been snooping around looking for a mark on Corellia. We better go see what hes up to and have a little chat.


CORELLIA, landing:
Landed in Coronet City, capital of Corellia. Kaleb’s from here as well. Father was all over the holonets that hes scheduled for execution for treason against the NEW ORDER?! For aiding & abetting a Jedi?

Security Breach

When we last saw our intrepid crew they had blasted out of Jebble in the nick of time. They returned to their usual port of call, Nar Shada and met with their contacts to debrief. Caleb, Calen Star’s son, wanted to meet with the father of his now deceased fiance. The Sunrunner crew wanted to meet with their contactEarnest Eveningstar to conclude their mission. They turned out to be one in the same person, the crew debriefed and found some information on Vandis that led them back to Trevor‘s home of Corellia. After arriving. they found out Trevor’s father was scheduled for execution soon for aiding a Jedi. Due to Trevor and Fi hacking a computer and sensitive computer security programs, they were able to ground Vandis’ ship to buy them a small amount of time in order to rescue Trevor’s Father. Time, however, was one thing the crew was rapidly running out of.

Trevor and the rest of the crew listed off their options and priorities. It was very clear the Imperials wanted Trevor’s Father, Alistair Ridley, eliminated immediately. The crew was able to learn they had a few days to prepare though, so Vandis, it would seem…would have to wait. Trevor was able to arrange a meeting with his father. The two Ridleys, Alistair and Trevor were able to have a long overdue conversation, though not with out a hint of familiar animosity. Trevor returned to the Sunrunner and discussed the situation. Always keeping his eyes open to the big picture, he had made note of the guards and layout. The guards, while being trained very well, were still quite green; the crew thought a surprise assault might just do the trick.
Imperial embacy police section

Great Balls of Fire

The escape went well. Not at all as planned, but they had Trevor’s father, and they were all alive. It was a win win. They’d also managed to rescue a senator in disguise as an added bonus. Now the question was what the hell were they going to do now.
Edge of precipice by taenaron
“You got me out. Now what?” Alistair asked his son as they drove through Coronet City’s streets in their stolen landspeeder. There was no, ‘good to see you, thanks for rescuing me,’ but that was the nature of their relationship.

“I need to contact Zan see if he can find us a place to hideout.” Trevor replied.

“You trust that sleezeball?” Alistair responded. It was more of a criticism than a question.

“Dad, he’s my best friend.” Trevor hated saying it. It took only five minutes in the speeder together and the old man had him talking like a whiny teenager. Trevor was old enough to have teenagers of his own. Though the fact that he didn’t was the argument him and his mother would’ve gotten into if she were here. “Besides,” Trevor continued “Zan owes me one.”

“He may owe you one son, but I don’t trust him. He’s climbed way too fast up the CES corporate ladder for my taste. There’s something not right about that boy.”

And that was that. A rash judgment based on an innocuous event had just condemned a man to ‘untrustworthy’ status. Trevor wondered how the hell his old man used to be such a brilliant politician. Alistair had made his judgment though, and going to Zan was not an option. Trevor knew his father would jump out of the moving landspeeder rather than get help from Zan now. “Well do you have any ideas?” Trevor asked knowing the answer.

“I’ve got one place in mind; I’d rather not go there. But since you didn’t plan for anything better…” And there it was Alistair was setting it up so he got his way, by way of making Trevor seem inadequate for the task. Trevor was happy to be home.


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