The Sunrunner Legacy

No Good Deed...

Crevice city revised

Last time our heroes made it through firefights and pursuit by imperial fighters. They made it to Crevice city on Alderran and were looking forward to some rest and recovery, as well as time to repair their damaged ship. Trevor negotiated the price for docking while Fi worked on repairing their damaged ship. Knowing how this strange group of aliens worked, he fixed the critical components first and worked his way down to the secondary systems in case they needed to leave in a hurry. They had a few moments of peace which they all badly needed, but peace it would seem, isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.

The Skies Over Geonosis

Paisaje geonosis

The last time we left our heroes they had discovered the truth about their cargo. The hull ended up being full of weapons, much needed by the Geonosian resistance to continue their struggle against the new Empire. After listening to the message from Calen Star again in disbelief they decided to honor Calens wishes, and also save themselves. Danger was fast approaching just as Calen had claimed it would.

Why Are We Here?
And what the heck we carrying?

After the Sunrunner made it through an Imperial Blockade and landed on the planet of Geonisis. Captain Calen Star told the crew to wait on the ship for him until he returned from a personal errand.
882 realsize
The crew waited.

And waited…

Finally they had a bad feeling about things and decidided to try and investigate. While trying to find the location of Calen Star’s Comlink transmitter they came across a timed message that after some waiting any maybe a bit of Jawa handiwork played the Following Message from the Captain:


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