The Sunrunner Legacy

Devastation and Deforestation

After wrapping up their (somewhat violent) business helping Peppi Graff acquire some much needed equipment and spare parts, the Sunrunner crew set course for the planet Honoghr. The stated reason was to try and find Jinn’s father’s Jedi trainer, but for once Fi voiced (so to speak) his support of the destination, saying that in so far as Jawas were capable of having academic interest in something, he was interested in following up on a lead he had gotten from Ridley’s uncle about some alien tech to be found there.

Upon arriving, the crew noted many signs of previous space battles, but everything was junked with one exception: shortly after the Sunrunner’s arrival a lone craft jumped to hyperspace and left the area. The crew shrugged their shoulders at each other and proceeded to scan the planet, which revealed massive pollution and toxins in addition to jungle pretty much everywhere. While muttering to himself and tapping away on the computers, Fi scanned the planet, looking for signs of the ruins that Max Ridley had described. Unfortunately a misplaced semicolon in his impromptu AI search heuristics meant that the scanners instead focused on a picturesque, but otherwise unremarkable waterfall.

“Wait!” Jinn blurted as Fi reared back to pound on the keyboard. “That’s where we need to go. That’s what I saw in my vision.” Trevor expressed skepticism over the mystical underpinnings of this plan, but he admitted that nobody had a better idea and so a landing zone was found some distance from the falls.

Decked out in fancy new gear for the occasion, the crew began cutting their way to the jungle. Along the way they encountered some of the local flora, which did its best to eat Jinn and spray Ridley with ichor. Fi calmly blew the living crap out of the beautiful flower, knocking down its arboreal home and clearing a convenient path to the falls.

Upon arriving at the waterfall, the party was greeted by more local wildlife, now in the form of short but stocky natives possessed of some of the most sophisticated pointy sticks that the planet had to offer. Maya showed them how blaster pistols worked, while Fi continued his “One Tree at a Time” planetwide deforestation initiative.

Things were about to get even more violent when one of the natives’ leaders showed up and barked a word that Jinn recognized. After some consideration and attempts at parlay, the native leader and his pack seemed to want the party to submit to rope bindings and come with them. Fi, Ridley, and even Maya demurred, feeling that they were, at present, comfortably positioned on the preferred end of a massacre and had no desire to change that. In the end, Jinn went with the natives, with the understanding that the rest of the party would come after him if needed.

And so the remaining crew began passing the time by alternatively glaring at the natives left to guard them and fashioning some kind of impromptu water treatment device.

Nick of Time

Having just killed nearly an entire squad of Imperial Stormtroopers in the spaceport, the Sunrunner rocketed skyward toward the Imperial Fleet. Capt. Ridley heard the incessant repeated beep and flashing light of the Sunrunner being hailed but ignored it while he input coordinates into the navicomputer. Moments later, the Capt. and Myla heard a more urgent and threatening tone, incoming craft on intercept course. Myla focused the sensors and brought the craft up on the targeting computer.
“Looks like droid fighters, two of’em with missiles”, Capt. Ridley confirmed with Myla.
“This wont be pretty”, the Captain whispered under his breath.
“Battlestations, Battlestations”, the Capt. repeated over the ship’s comm system as he sounded the klaxon and raised shields.

Jinn rushed into the turret well and tested his systems, swiveling the gun and pointing it in the direction of the incoming interceptors. Fi fiddled with his engineering systems monitor to go over system to ensure no surprises were in store.

As the crew waited for the interceptors to close distance, the Capt. opened comm channel to see what the Imperials had to say.
“By order of the Galatic Empire, you are commanded to power down your ship and prepare to be boarded”, an Imperial Navy Officer read as scripted.
“I’m sorry, I don’t recognize your authority here”, Capt. Ridley replied and prompted closed the channel.
“Weapons free, you’re going to need to buy us some time”, the Captain radioed over to Jinn.

The first fighter came into weapons range and missed its mark wildly. Jinn landed a glancing blow and continued tracking it as broke off from the formation to avoid fire. With Jinn distracted, the next fighter came in full speed to strafe the top of the Sunrunner, managing to land a critical hit on the advanced targeting array’s main sensor dish. The crew rattled in their seats as the shields absorbed the hits from the next two fighters.

Capt. Ridley banked the Sunrunner hard left to pursue the grazed fighter and landed a solid blow, knocking out one of the twin engines that powered the craft. The Sunrunner was pelted by man more hits before Jinn was able to line up the finishing shot on the wounded fire.

The cockpit of the Sunrunner was engulfed in blinking warning indicators, chiming system alerts and emergency tones. “Shields buckling”, the Captain radioed to all crew. “We could really use a good engineer right about now, do you happen to know any Fi?” Capt. Ridley sarcastically asked with a tone of urgency.
“They’ve got a missile lock, Incoming! Break right….MARK”, Myla relayed to the Captain. A concussion missile streaked by the cockpit and out into the empty void of space.

Captain Ridley glanced over to the navicomputer to see how much time remained on the astrogation computations, he shook his head. He knew without Jinn able to hit much the remaining fighters would be too much. The crew was shaken again by a bad hit to a section of the hull.
“Hold your fire, we surrender”, the Captain radioed back to the Imperials as he brought the ship to a halt. He powered down systems and had a concentrated look on his face as he glanced between the navicomputer time remaining and the distance the imperials were from tractor beam range on the sensors. The Imperial capital ship sluggishly crept toward the stalled Sunrunner.

Seconds before the capital ship would be within tractor beam range, the navicomputer toned twice, indicating the jump to hyperspace was ready. Capt. Ridley hit the power and rocketed to full speed within seconds. He pulled back the control levers, jumping to lightspeed. The Sunrunner was safe for now.


Although the Sunrunner crew had not yet fully uncovered the truth surrounding Deliliah, they none the less blasted off Corellia to get away from the HEAT they had been accruing. After they jumped to some empty space to decide their next move, they received a faint distress hail from Peppi, Capt. Ridley’s old friend that had saved their skin once before. Peppi was in desperate need of a new part for repairs to his hyperdrive.

Capt. Ridley, knowing that he owed Peppi a huge favor, decided that the Sunrunner would make its way to a Chandrila, a well-developed planet to pick up the needed part, a Hypermatter Reactor Igniter.

Unbeknownst to Ridley, an Imperial fleet was making its presence known in orbit and attempting to intimidate locals, who were well known critics of the new Empire.

The Sunrunner landed in the planet’s capital, Hanna City.

After speaking with some locals, the consensus was that the best selection of parts could be found out at Jesse’s Junk shop. As the crew strolled in to find out if the shop had an HMRI in stock, the hyper vigilant sales associates immediately denied entry to Fi. The shop was apparently all to aware of Jawa’s well deserved stereotype as technophile thieves. Capt. Ridley satisfactorily explained that the smelly Jawa was part of his crew and would be ok, and even suggested an associate shadow Fi, for ‘safe measure’.

Capt. Ridley was able to find and flag down the owner of the shop, a younger woman, Jesse. He was caught off guard by her down to business and serious demeanor. Of course she had the part needed, so Capt. Ridley showed her the list of possible upgrades the Sunrunner was in need of. Shockingly, she had every single item on the list in stock. The Captain made note and intended to return to her in the future, in hopes to negotiate a returning customer discount.

While on their way back to the Docking Bay, Caleb radioed in urgently that they needed to hurry, it seemed like there was some sort of trouble. The crew entered the docking bay to see nearly an entire squad of Imperial Storm Troopers in front of the ship. Caleb was being questioned by the lead Trooper and there was body on the ground next to him. The Sergeant demanded access on board the Sunrunner but Caleb refused, stating that he was just following orders and it wasn’t his ship.

The crew approached the Stormtroopers and asked what was going on. A Corporal refused to answer and demanded that we leave the area. In an unusual move, Capt. Ridley was direct and responded that he was the owner of the ship and demanded to know what was going on.

However before the trooper could comm to his superior officer, the sound of a blaster echoed through the docking bay. Trevor looked over just in time to see Caleb crumple to the ground. There was no time for shock however. Jinn immediately drew his own gun and fired point blank at the officer they were speaking to moments before. Things had gotten personal.

The Stormtroopers turned and began filling the air with blaster bolts, the crew hunkered behind conveniently placed cargo containers. Although landing well placed attacks from behind cover, the crew knew all to well that soon enough the Stormtroopers would begin their flanking maneuvers. Capt. Ridley jumped from behind a corner and landed a masterful dive shot killing his flanker. As he lay sprawled out on the ground, he rolled and twisted, returning fire while avoiding hits. Fi was small enough to fit between 2 large containers and continued to snipe the Imperials in the back without them noticing his location. Jinn rounded the corner of the container he was using as cover to come face to face with a Stormtrooper, both rather surprised and unprepared, aiming guns at each other and firing simultaneously. Both took blaster hits, but Jinn cringed and kept moving forward. Kneeling over to check and make sure the Stormtrooper wasn’t going to be getting up, Jinn was hit with a hail of blaster bolts from 2 other Stormtroopers behind cover near the Sunrunner’s boarding ramp. Just before the pain overwhelmed even his toughened threshold, Jinn reached out to the force and let loose his frustration, causing a huge blast of energy that ruptured the fuel tank of a nearby powerloader, the resulting explosion killing both Stormtroopers. Myla ran to her downed groupmate to check his condition before she herself was hit and crumpled to blaster fire.

Capt. Ridley & Fi looked to be in dire straights! The Captain thought to check and see if Caleb was alive or conscious and softly whispered over the comm radio that they REALLY needed his help. Moments later, a previously unheard of blaster shot rang out and the Stormtrooper closest to the Sunrunner fell forward, shot in the back. Sensing it was safe to emerge, the medical droid AMY lowered the boarding ramp and waddled over to Jinn and began to immediately begin first aid. As Fi let loose a final lethal streak of bolts into the last remaining Stormtrooper, the Capt. ran over to Myla and was able to patch her up enough so that she could walk onto the ship.

AMY helped Caleb to his feet and aided him hobbling into the ship to begin medical care. The Capt. and Fi ran aboard the ship to begin the power up process. Jinn being the last one up the ramp, turned to notice the body that had been lying at Calebs side when the fire fight began. He went back and used all the last of his remaining strength and hauled the body aboard the ship.

The Sunrunner quickly rose from the docking bay before swiveling and hitting the massive sub-light engines hurling them into orbit.

Lost & Found

The sound of the whip cracked and bounced against the small room. The girls’ body twisted with pain, but she did not make a sound—any noise would lead to more lashes. “You think you know better than we? Are you a master trainer now, Myla? You think we cannot provide for our own property?” The voice echoed angrily, and she could hear the whip being readied for another strike. “You will be hungry, yet you will never starve. You will be cold, yet you will never freeze.” The whip struck a line against girl’s back. “We tell you what to do, you do it. You are a slave, Myla.”

Myla walked down the hallway to Capt. Ridley’s room. Not wanting to admit the turmoil roiling around inside her, Myla had tried for a week to put off this conversation. After all, Capt. Ridley was recuperating and being secretive as usual, Jinn was repairing his badly damaged armor or pouring over Vandis’ logs, and Fe was…Fe. But she couldn’t avoid the fluttering in her stomach every time she thought about the woman in the vids. Delilah. She turned the name around in her mouth, tasting for any familiarity. No images arose, no thoughts sprang forth. Just a feeling so overwhelming, it had no name. Part dread, part excitement, and part…lonely. Myla had never used the word before. As long as she could remember, she had been surrounded by people, the trainers, her comrades—except for training range, Myla had never been alone. Yet the moment she saw Delilah’s face…her own face…Myla had felt like a lone sun on a far horizon. And if she had admitted to herself, it was that loneliness, and the hope of an impossible cure, which guided her feet down the passage to Capt. Ridley’s door. As they began to talk, Myla wondered if he could sense her unease.

Of course, he offered to help. The longer she worked with him, the more she saw the soft spot he had for people in need. As she settled the wig on her head, Myla wondered briefly if Capt. Ridley knew that about himself. Jinn certainly did—helping other people seemed to be a mission for him. Glancing at her image in the mirror of her room, Myla stopped and looked at the disguise she wore. It seemed oddly appropriate somehow, that she should look unfamiliar to herself. She was a slave with no master, a soldier with no purpose. For the first time since the massacre at the training center, Myla let herself feel her freedom and ask the question that had been planted by Capt Starr. “Who do you want to be, Myla?” Pulling the zipper of the snug top down another half inch, Myla made a determined decision, perhaps the first one she had ever made for herself. She would do whatever it took to get the answers she was looking for, not only about Delilah, but about herself, as well.

So pretending to be a sex goddess was a little easier than she expected. Maybe watching all of the Jedi Jezebel movies had rubbed off. It had felt like a big risk to mislead the Deshade guard at the PorSec site, but after watching Capt Ridley do it so many times, Myla felt like she was catching on to the game a little more. And it was a game to the captain, she realized, as he introduced himself as Dr. Rosenthal from Alderan. Again. So trusting Jinn and Capt Ridley to back her play, Myla tried her best to mimic a porn star wannabe. And it had worked! They were to be taken to meet the owner of PorSec, billionaire Sal Polt! Myla was brimming with excitement at her own accomplishment and with the heady anticipation that she was one step closer to Delilah. But the more Sal talked, the worse Myla felt. Delilah was in jail. Her fiance was murdered. Sal didn’t think Delilah was the murderer. But while he felt bad for her, since Delilah was going to be leaving PorSec, Sal had no particular obligation to her, either. Myla tried her best to keep herself together and play the role she had created, but a part of her wanted to beat and scream at the repugnant businessman to tell her every single piece of information about Delilah. How long had he known her? Where did she come from? The need for answers simmered Myla’s frustration, but she had learned from her mistake on the mission for Rico’s salvage. Instead of impulsively shooting Sal Polt in his khakied kneecap, she painted a smile on her face and told him how much she was looking forward to possibility of working at PorSec.

This was it. The moment. Delilah was on her way to the room where Myla sat with Capt. Ridley, Jinn, and Sgt. Hal Horn. Her nerves taut, she looked at each of their faces. Capt. Ridley seemed self-contained as ever, but Myla had learned that underneath the disaffected exterior, his mind was always on alert, always looking for the angle; if there was even the tiniest bit of knowledge to be gleaned, he would find it. Examining Jinn’s face, Myla felt some of her anxiety melt. It meant a lot to her that he did not even hesitate to take off his helmet when they got to the police station; he never took the helmet off in public. And he had offered his personal protection and responsibility for Delilah; Once Jinn gave such an offer, Myla knew he would do everything in his power to honor it. She felt better having both of her comrades with her. A part of her even wished Fe were there. Sgt. Hal Horn had been helpful and not given them too much grief about their alibis, for which Myla was grateful, since every breath seemed to increase her tension. She wished briefly that they were going into combat instead; that she understood, that she knew. She had never faced anything like this before, not even on her first mission. Her heart was racing, the adrenaline streaking through her body. She was about to meet Delilah. And Myla felt trapped by her fear—she was afraid that this moment could change everything about her and she was terrified it wouldn’t. Then, with a soft click of a door handle, a young woman with Myla’s face walked into the room and called her by name.

Most of the conversation was a blur. Myla heard herself asking questions, listening to explanations. But she was numb, no longer capable of feeling anything. She had parents. A part of her she didn’t recognize had felt a stab of grief at learning her mother was dead. And a father? She could not comprehend all the implications that followed such a revelation. And here in front of her, a sister. A sister she did not remember from a family she had never known. Myla felt hollow as all of the anticipation, all of the adrenaline emptied out of her. She heard the details of Delilah’s story as they were revealed—the life of a sex slave, the mysterious death of her fiance Darian Falk, how he had paid Delilah to finance her freedom from PorSec, his connections to Nar Shaada and the slave trade there, the evidence against Delilah—but Myla couldn’t figure out what it all meant. She felt adrift like a ship with no anchor. Thankfully, Capt Ridley and Jinn had stepped forward to try and help Delilah, offering her a different lawyer and talking with Sgt. Horn about custody arrangements. And then she and Delilah locked gazes. Not knowing what to say, Myla said the only thing that came to her mind, “I’m sorry.” Sorry for everything that had happened to Delilah, sorry in some way, for everything she herself had been through. Delilah had tried to brush it off, but Myla recognized her twin’s expression. She’d seen it on her own face once, in the mirror of the treatment room where the medic had cleaned the bleeding whip marks on her back. Though she may have tried hard to hide it, part of Delilah desparately wanted someone to care. And then the anger, the overwhelming need to do something to fix it all settled in Myla’s veins and beat in time with her heart. Myla had found an anchor and purpose she never expected. Myla had a family.

A new kind of energy propelled Myla now. She felt strong, she felt confident. Jinn and Capt Ridley decided that more information could be discovered at PorSec. Since Sal Polt had invited them back to the PorSec studios for a party, they determined that an undercover operation would work best. Picking up Fe from the Sunrunner, Myla and the crew went back to PorSec. While Capt. Ridley, Jinn and Fe hid in another room, Myla went to seduce Sal Polk into the ambush. It was harder this time to play the role, almost as though Sal could see through her every expression. Regardless, once confronted by Myla and the crew, Sal was forthcoming in his knowledge of Delilah’s and Darian’s relationship. He confirmed that Delilah was indeed free, after giving him the money Darian had provided for her freedom. He added that Darian had not purchased Delilah himself, but enabled her to pay for her own liberty. As the crew put Sal’s through more questioning, Myla was surprised to hear herself talking so much. Usually, she let the captain and Jinn do all of that, but she had her own questions this time. Sal further shared that Kitty Karlisle, the Jedi Jezebel herself, had also been in a relationship with Darian Falk; in fact, from what Sal had heard, Darian had originally planned to free Kitty from her contract at PorSec. And to add insult to injury, Kitty had recently been “put to pasture” in favor of the newest porn megastar, Delilah. Sal then suggested that the crew mingle at the party where they could gather more information. Myla steeled herself to do whatever, and possibly whoever, to get the answers she needed.

The party room was filled with glowing lights and mirrors. There was nowhere Myla could turn without seeing an image of herself looking back. It was disconcerting to see herself. Not only did she not look like herself in the disguise, she didn’t feel like herself anymore. She tried to keep focusing on the people and the conversations, but she had so many questions throbbing through her mind. After enduring a conversation with the dull, narcissistic Dash Dingles, Myla felt her energy waning. The only thing she had learned from Dash was that he was a colossal asshole. She had only shaken him off with a promise of sex, but decided that Fe could better handle the situation. The little Jawa was always armed with at least one grenade. Wanting to end this charade, she looked over to where she had earlier seen Capt Ridley talking to Misty Dawn. She knew that Jinn had been watching over the whole group and had felt his protective gaze on her as she was talking with Dash, but she could not find him now. Myla was about to look for her comrades in earnest, when Misty came over to her. Myla wasn’t sure what to think as Misty proclaimed her adoration for her twin; it struck her as strangely embarrassing that this woman knew what she, Myla, looked like naked, even though they’d only just met. But Misty at least gave her more insight into Kitty Karlisle and Darian Falk. Kitty had been very jealous of Delilah, and Misty thought Darian was a “bad man.” As Misty signed her name and number across Myla’s exposed cleavage, Myla saw Capt Ridley and he gave the signal to withdraw. Myla was relieved to finally leave the party, and the people, and the chaos she’d been experiencing all day.

Now this was familiar. It felt good to carry the blaster, to prepare for a possible battle. From the party, the Sunrunner crew prepared to examine the scene of Darian Falk’s murder at Deliliah’s apartment. After a day of so many revelations and changes, Myla almost felt a sense of comfort at having to focus on just the task at hand. She felt the solid weight of the blaster pistol and it felt right. Hearing a noise behind the door of Delilah’s apartment, Myla tensed. Well, at least some things never changed. Here they were again, readying for action. She waited for Capt Ridley’s signal and pushed open the door, as Jinn threw a stun grenade into the apartment. Looking into the room, Myla saw the Trandosian’s surprise as he yelled out, “What the…?!”

Great Balls of Fire

The escape went well. Not at all as planned, but they had Trevor’s father, and they were all alive. It was a win win. They’d also managed to rescue a senator in disguise as an added bonus. Now the question was what the hell were they going to do now.
Edge of precipice by taenaron
“You got me out. Now what?” Alistair asked his son as they drove through Coronet City’s streets in their stolen landspeeder. There was no, ‘good to see you, thanks for rescuing me,’ but that was the nature of their relationship.

“I need to contact Zan see if he can find us a place to hideout.” Trevor replied.

“You trust that sleezeball?” Alistair responded. It was more of a criticism than a question.

“Dad, he’s my best friend.” Trevor hated saying it. It took only five minutes in the speeder together and the old man had him talking like a whiny teenager. Trevor was old enough to have teenagers of his own. Though the fact that he didn’t was the argument him and his mother would’ve gotten into if she were here. “Besides,” Trevor continued “Zan owes me one.”

“He may owe you one son, but I don’t trust him. He’s climbed way too fast up the CES corporate ladder for my taste. There’s something not right about that boy.”

And that was that. A rash judgment based on an innocuous event had just condemned a man to ‘untrustworthy’ status. Trevor wondered how the hell his old man used to be such a brilliant politician. Alistair had made his judgment though, and going to Zan was not an option. Trevor knew his father would jump out of the moving landspeeder rather than get help from Zan now. “Well do you have any ideas?” Trevor asked knowing the answer.

“I’ve got one place in mind; I’d rather not go there. But since you didn’t plan for anything better…” And there it was Alistair was setting it up so he got his way, by way of making Trevor seem inadequate for the task. Trevor was happy to be home.

Security Breach

When we last saw our intrepid crew they had blasted out of Jebble in the nick of time. They returned to their usual port of call, Nar Shada and met with their contacts to debrief. Caleb, Calen Star’s son, wanted to meet with the father of his now deceased fiance. The Sunrunner crew wanted to meet with their contactEarnest Eveningstar to conclude their mission. They turned out to be one in the same person, the crew debriefed and found some information on Vandis that led them back to Trevor‘s home of Corellia. After arriving. they found out Trevor’s father was scheduled for execution soon for aiding a Jedi. Due to Trevor and Fi hacking a computer and sensitive computer security programs, they were able to ground Vandis’ ship to buy them a small amount of time in order to rescue Trevor’s Father. Time, however, was one thing the crew was rapidly running out of.

Trevor and the rest of the crew listed off their options and priorities. It was very clear the Imperials wanted Trevor’s Father, Alistair Ridley, eliminated immediately. The crew was able to learn they had a few days to prepare though, so Vandis, it would seem…would have to wait. Trevor was able to arrange a meeting with his father. The two Ridleys, Alistair and Trevor were able to have a long overdue conversation, though not with out a hint of familiar animosity. Trevor returned to the Sunrunner and discussed the situation. Always keeping his eyes open to the big picture, he had made note of the guards and layout. The guards, while being trained very well, were still quite green; the crew thought a surprise assault might just do the trick.
Imperial embacy police section

Sweet Home Corellia


JEBBLE, final entry:
Blasted our way out of orbit just in the nick of time, as the thermo-nuclear cleansing began. Couldn’t decide where to go next so headed back to NarShadda for the time being.

Kaleb arranged meeting with his dead fiancé’s father at the Meltdown Cafe, who turned out to be Earnest Eveningstar…cant say I was that surprised. Found out that Earnest had specifically hired Calen to not only get his daughter back but for Calen to rescue his own son (NICE OF YOU TO TELL US NOW). Calen had hijacked his old ship back from Droova to complete the mission.

Earnest revealed his rival’s name, Nova Solaris. She has apparently canned Vandis since his failed his last two assignments, partly in thanks to the crew’s efforts, HaHa. Also Vandis has been snooping around looking for a mark on Corellia. We better go see what hes up to and have a little chat.


CORELLIA, landing:
Landed in Coronet City, capital of Corellia. Kaleb’s from here as well. Father was all over the holonets that hes scheduled for execution for treason against the NEW ORDER?! For aiding & abetting a Jedi?

Cold Storage
Of mynocs, zombies, and kumquats

250px mynock negasWhen we last left our “heroes” they were fending off a fearsome flock of mynocs while reeling in a cache of medical supplies and the damaged medical droid “A1m3.” While Jinn and Myla took potshots from the hull of the Sunrunner, Trevor suited up and went to join them. Since previous owners of the Sunrunner had apparently never planned on sending children into the deadly vacuum of space, Fi had no space suit and was stuck inside the ship, fiddling with switches and trying to play a game of “Whack-A-Mole” by sending power spikes wherever the vicious little bastards were. Also, he sent them to where the mynocs were. Eventually the mynocs were defeated and Temporary Acting Captain Fi reluctantly opened the airlock and allowed the rest of the crew back on board.

Upon returning to Nar Shaddaa and brokering a deal to sell the medkits, our heroes decided to relieve some stress by engaging in a little shopping! Among the purchases were a few grenades for Myla and Fi, which if this were a play would have been an example of setting Chekhov’s gun on the mantle, but which in this case was more like losing the keys to Chekhov car. Fi also paid Riko Yavin a visit to enlist his aid in upgrading his carbine blaster with an enhanced targeting system and a sweet ass paint job with flames and an awesome looking wizard on the stock.

Situation Normal
Myla had been trained well, and she knew what her first priority should be: heal up and rest from Rorak V. But that wasn’t going to happen. Ever since she had seen her body on that damn vid screen in the ‘Legitimate Business Cantina’, Myla had been distracted and only the deadly threats of Gulga’s defenses had kept her from full-blown obsession. That woman could not be her—there was no way. Every moment of Myla’s life had been monitored and cataloged by the Trainers. Jedi girl by nitro comix But it was her—the face she looked at every day in the mirror had been on that screen, making faces that Myla had never…well, it couldn’t be her. As soon as she reached her room, Myla locked the door and went straight for the vid player. From her pocket she drew out the adult vid she’d found at the Market on Rorak V, Jedi Jezebel and the Buttrayal. A sick feeling in her stomach, Myla began to watch the vid, forwarding through various acrobatic and versatile performances, until she came to a recognizable face. Yes, the face was the same, but she didn’t need to look down for comparison—those were definitely enhanced. The woman must be a slave, too, as she was marked on her shoulder, but it wasn’t the same black triangle that lined Myla’s own shoulder. In fact, as Myla bent closer to the screen, the mark on the woman looked as though it had been smudged. And reaching back to feel the ridges through her shirt, Myla did not see the scars left by the Trainer’s whip on the woman’s smooth-skinned back. What the hell? Unable to watch anymore, Myla forwarded to the end credits: the woman’s name was Irene Skycrest, starring in a PorSec of Corellia. Shit. She only knew one person from Corellia, and it was humiliating enough that he and the rest of the crew knew about her doppelganger’s porn; now she had to ask him a favor about it.

Hell Hath No Fury

Last time our intrepid crew made it to the planet of Nar Shaddaa in search of a Nautolan named Riko Yavin who supposedly had answers for them they desperately needed. After searching Nar Shaddaa they headed towards Riko, where they were attacked by a local swoop gang. The Sunrunner crew were able to easily defeat their attackers and head towards their objective. They arrived in Riko Yavin’s shop and found the answers they needed, including the information on a former Jedi turned mercenary by the name of Vandis. Riko also told them about a job he needed done that the crew readily accepted. The crew left Riko on their way to do the salvage mission, when they ran into an ill tempered Wookiee named Droova. Apparently Droova owned the Sunrunner at some point in time, and was determined to get her back. Droova ruthlessly attacked the crew hitting Jinn in the chest with a blast from his bowcaster, as well as hitting Fi with a savage attack. The crew was saved by the most unlikely of saviors—hired goons from Kurka a local Hutt crime lord. Apparently, Trevor worked for Kurka and lost a shipment of his a while back, and Kurka was going to collect. He gave the crew a mission: to retrieve or destroy Engspice from his uncle Gulga. The crew left with their lives and a sense of urgency; it is not often a Hutt gives out second chances.

Rorak 5

The crew left Nar Shaddaa and traveled to Rorak V, a space station in orbit of the planet Rorak IV. The station is a sort of neutral ground with various factions and the Hutt clans selling their ill gotten goods, particularly slaves. An asteroid field stands between Nar Shaddaa and Rorak V, and the crew must take precautions traveling through the asteroid field. Jumping out of hyperspace right before the asteroid field, they navigate carefully through the various rocky obstacles. Jinn takes up his position in the upper turret to destroy any wayward asteroids, as well as fearing a retaliation from Droova at some point. Nerves are definitely high, but the trip through the asteroids is uneventful and the Sunrunner sets course for Rorak V and jumps into hyperspace.


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