Raien Bedzons Lightsaber

Raien Bedzons lightsaber

weapon (melee)

Raien Bedzon, Jinns father was a former Jedi Knight. He was a master of the lightsaber art of Shien/Djem So. When he left the order with his new wife Eswen Jrill he maintained his skills with the lightsaber even training some of the Jensaarai. When the Jedi came and attacked the Jensaarai he was inside the temple using his mastery of the force to keep the other Jensaarai hidden. When Nikos Tyris was thrown into the temple his darkside energy was released and collapsed the temple, killing Raien. When Jinn emerged he found his father, and his lightsaber. He kept the weapon to always remember his parents sacrifice to protect him.
Raien bedzons lightsaber


Jinn keeps his fathers lightsaber in a concealed holster on his right wrist. He practices a form of lightsaber combat that takes into account the time period he lives in. Using a lightsaber during this time would be very dangerous to himself and his friends. His style that he is perfecting is similar to an ancient style of fencing known as Iaijutsu. Where the fencer draws the weapon, makes his attack or block and then an instant counter attack and re-scabbarding his weapon. He still relies heavily on his blaster, however his lightsaber serves as a way to connect to the parents he barely knew.

Raien Bedzons Lightsaber

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