Jinn's Vibrodagger

A unique vibrodagger jinn keeps tucked in his sash

weapon (melee)

The vibrodagger Jinn carries is a unique version of a typical vibrodagger. While he was traveling he noticed several pirates carried their vibrodaggers in an interesting fashion tucked into their sash across the lower abdomen, with the blade up. This gave them a quick draw in an overhand cut favored by several of the pirate groups. Jinn purchased this vibrodagger on one of the many planets he visited along with the sash he wears at his waist.

Jinn bedzons vibrodagger


Jinn has always been guided by the Force, traveling as a passenger or as a bodyguard all across the galaxy wherever the force leads him. He tries his best to negotiate and talk his way out of any unwanted violence. However talking down an enemy is much easier when you have a sharp blade ready to be drawn.

Jinn's Vibrodagger

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