Trevor Ridley

Human Corellian Scoundrel (Smuggler)


Grizzled but good looking Corellian smuggler. Has a certain raspy but attractive voice that helps him charm all but the most hardened humans OR aliens.


Trevor Ridley doesn’t like being told what to do. The only child of a famous well-to-do bureaucrat-diplomat from Corellia, his entire future was predetermined and planned for him to be his fathers replacement…Trevor didn’t like those plans. Trevor marched to the beat of his own drum, doing whatever struck his fancy or what he found entertaining. Trevor, while incredibly intelligent found the private schools he was sent to unable to hold his interest. Kicked out of no less than 7 schools and colleges (including an all girls school), his father had finally had enough and decided to no longer finance his son’s misadventures so he had paperwork exempting Trevor from Cor Sec draft destroyed.

Trevor was in shock, both at being drafted (along with its ramifications) and that his father had finally cut him off. He knew that military would be the end of his fun and/or life so he decided to flee the planet and take his adventures off-world.

Trevor is highly charismatic and has knack for knowing just what to say to get people to like him, partially due to his upbringing being groomed to become a diplomat. His charisma gives him a confidence unfathomable to most men, combined with his impatience leads him to attempt very risky endeavors! While he sometimes comes off as vain & self-centered, he cares deeply about his close friends, MOST of which died when his ship mysteriously crash landed. Only himself & crew member Fi survived.

Although Fi certainly may have known, both Myla & Jinn found out that Trevor owes quite a bit of money to the unsavory Kurka the Hutt of Nar Shadda for losing the cargo after his ship crashed. Trevor explained, that while not his top choice, doing easy jobs for the Hutts was often easy money and quite an adventure.

Trevor Ridley

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