Tamra Kortha

Female Kidnapped from Naboo


Tamra was a commoner in a little town in Naboo called Solleu Falls. There she lived peacefully with her husband Boteef and their son Bread. Until one day when the town was attacked while Tamra and her son were out picnicking in a field. As they raced home Bread was shot and Tamra was taken.

The crew that inherited the Sunrunner found her and many others in a cryogenic pouch in a secret compartment on their ship.

They later decided to return her to the planet of Naboo. In route however, Tamra found out that her son and husband had both been killed in the attack that landed her in the pouch. She swore vengeance on those that were responsible. She first thought that was actually the Sunrunner crew but news reports she found said the ship that attacked her town of Solleu falls was one of the fairly new YT-2400s.

Though regardless of this discovery. Tamra tried to double cross the Sunrunner crew when they arrived in Naboo since she didn’t have any money to pay them. The double cross failed however and got her sent to mental institution for her efforts.

Word has reached the Sunrunner crew that Tamra has escaped the mental institution and fled off Naboo with some ‘Unsavory’ individuals.

Tamra Kortha

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