Peppi Graff

Gungan Pirate


Peppi Graff is a smuggler but mainly a rum runner. His laid back attitude and natural charisma make him a very likable guy. He’ loves his spirits but not usually to excess, and when his fortune is good he doesn’t mind sharing it with others. Peppi loves life and loves the journey. He’s not trying to get rich, famous or powerful, he’s just trying to have a good time.


Peppi Captians the Nabooian Queen a Mantaris-class amphibious medium transport, which he’s modified to be a light hauling blockade runner for his Precious wines and spirits.

Peppi Graff ran into Trevor Ridley many years back on Corellia. Where he credits the young(then) man for saving his life. In the many years that followed, Peppi and Trevor have crossed paths on numerous occasions but never without a drink shared and usually one saving the other’s bacon. Peppi considers Trevor a true friend, just on different paths.

Peppi Graff

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