Mon Mothma

A young Senator from Chandrila


Mon Mothma first met the Sunrunner crew when they unknowingly rescued her from an Imperial prison cell in the Imperial Embassy on Corellia. She was on was captured in a raid of a Corellian Resistance meeting. Disguised as a Corellian by the name of Dedra Antilles, she managed to, thanks to the Sunrunner crew, escape the imperials with her reputation intact.

Mon Mothma owes the Sunrunner crew a large favor for her rescue, and she’s one to pay her debts.

Mon Mothma believes that a Sullustan that was captured with her was actually an imperial spy, since he basically went out of his way to make sure they were arrested. The Sullustan knew Mon Mothma was a Senator but did not know from what planet, or her real name. That is why Mon, believes she was being held at the facility rather than quietly sent to the spice mines like the others were.


Mon Mothma

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