Maximillion Ridley

Uncle of Trevor, Brother of Alistar


Maximillion was the polar opposite of his charismatic diplomat brother, Alistar Ridley. He is a left brained straight shooter who would rather be tinkering with mechanical systems or droids than interacting with people or the politics of Corellia.

He has worked his way up the ranks and is now a senior design Engineer at CEC (Corellian Engineering Corporation). He tried to pass his love of mechanics to Trevor but was only successful in teaching vague theory but more importantly, PILOTING!

Maximillion was quite disappointed in Trevor‘s decision to dodge the draft, as he was a former military officer himself. Maximillion is very much worried about the plight of Corellia’s independence with the rise of the New Order and is secretly involved with different liberation fronts/militias.

From time to time when resources and time allows, Maximillion is known to frequent archeological dig sites associated with the Ratakan Empire. His most recent expedition did end up costing him his left arm, of which he now has a mechanical prosthetic.

Maximillion Ridley

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