a Jawa with a bad attitude


Fi started, as one might think, as a wee little Jawa lad on Tatooine. His clan roamed the deserts in a sandcrawler looking for salvage. When he was very young, his clan met a traveling merchant named Jagen Haasat who was looking for some very specific parts that Fi’s clan was rumored to have picked up. Unknown to Fi, others were looking for these parts as well and weren’t happy that the Jawas had ended up with them.

Jagen said he knew the score and knew that doom DOOM!- was on its way for the Jawas, but he still wanted the parts. As part of the bargain, the Jawas made Jagen take young Fi with him in order to get him off planet and out of danger. Fi didn’t know any of this; he thought instead that his clan was being enormously dickish by selling him into slavery. But off he went, and the rest of his clan was presumably curb stomped into oblivion.

Before long, Jagen noticed that Fi had strong mechanical aptitude (even for a Jawa) and he kept Fi around for years while he zig-zagged across the galaxy looking for more parts to whatever it was he was trying to build. Fi’s clan’s parts were intregal to that plan, but there were many other missing pieces that Jagen and Fi scoured for as well. Fi never knew exactly what they were building or where the plans came from, but Jagen assured him that it meant a LOT of money and influence, especially with all the political turmoil going on. Jagen, a former mercenary, taught Fi the basics of weaponry, explosives, combat, and other Soldier class skills. Fi, growing up doing hard work and eating better than most Jawas do, grew up big for his kind.

The device -or tool or AI or whatever it was supposed to be- was never finished and Fi has no idea what it is. Jagen was murdered while trying to acquire some of the needed materials. Eventually Fi stowed away on a ship with Trevor Ridley and found himself on his current adventure.


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