Earnest Eveningstar

Stoggy TaggeCo employee with a heart.


Earnest Eveningstar is a TaggeCo employee.

He paid Calen Star to steal cargo from the merc Vandis in exchange for information on the kidnapping of Calen’s son, and his son’s Fiancée.

Earnest made this deal because Vandis was in the employ of a rival co-worker of his, and hearting Vandis’ reputation in turn hurt his Rival.

In actuality it turned out that Earnest had a daughter named Olivia Eveningstar who was the fiancé to Calen Star’s son Caleb. It is believed that Olivia and Caleb were kidnapped by his rival who Earnest has revealed to be Nova in an effort the compromise Earnest.

Olivia died on Jebble, and it this realization may have compromised Earnest. He wants nothing more than to get revenge on Nova and her former errand boy Vandis.


Earnest Eveningstar

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