Alistar Ridley

An Aging Diplomat and Corellian Patriot


Alister the father of Trevor Ridley was recently was detained by Imperial Forces on Corellia for Aiding and Abetting a Jedi friend of his named Dash Donos. Alister did not deny these charges in fact he was proud of them. Dash was not found, but Alister was questioned thoroughly and forcefully. He did not give the Imperials a thing. Alistar is a die hard Corellian and wants he planet’s independence. Alister’s willingness to compromise and be diplomatic have all but left his since he retired from diplomacy. He believes what he believes, and thinks everyone should believe it too, no exception.

What Alister does not believe, is the ‘New Order’s’ propaganda about the Jedi betraying the republic.

Alister was recently rescued from his incarsiaration by the daring crew of the Sunrunner his son among them. He is now a free man.


Alistar Ridley

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