The Sunrunner Legacy

The Skies Over Geonosis

Paisaje geonosis

The last time we left our heroes they had discovered the truth about their cargo. The hull ended up being full of weapons, much needed by the Geonosian resistance to continue their struggle against the new Empire. After listening to the message from Calen Star again in disbelief they decided to honor Calens wishes, and also save themselves. Danger was fast approaching just as Calen had claimed it would.

The group found the coordinates of General Riisk, the Genosian who was the intended buyer for the weapons. Tensions were high, and trust was in short supply as Jinn and Trevor tried to calm the situation and complete the delivery without any bloodshed. Through expert negotiation and diplomatic prowess the pair managed to diffuse a tense situation, and deliver the much needed weapons. However, as soon as the situation seemed under control it threatened to spiral out of control once more. An imperial fighter was inbound to their location while being pursued by two Geonosian interceptors. Fi was tracking the incoming air units and giving updates to Trevor over the com, while Myla was already unloading the weapons from the cargo bay in order to break orbit as quickly as possible. At this time, Trevor began coordinating the evacuation of our heroes while Jinn calmed the general. He promised he would deliver the weapons and give as much cover fire on their way out as possible. The general accepted, just as the Geonosian interceptors landed a fatal weapons hit on the Imperial fighter sending it crashing into the Geonosian hive where they were negotiating the deal.

Trevor managed to roll out of the way of falling debris and head back to the ship to begin preflight preparations General Riisk flew into the air to avoid being hit, while Jinn dove forward to avoid being smashed by the falling chunks of debris. As he landed he noticed another large slab crashing towards him, and had to deftly roll out of the way from his own demise thus sending him further from the ship, and safety. The wrecked fighter still lodged precariously in the hive began to fall threatening to block Jinn’s path back to the Sunrunner. Taking a risk Jinn dashed out and ran towards the ship barely in the nick of time as the ship crashed behind him showering him in a cloud of dust. He emerged from the cloud safely and made his way to the gun turret to fulfill his promise to provide air support to the Geonosians. The Sunrunner takes off after blasting a hole in the debris of the wrecked fighter providing a path for the Geonosians to take the last few crates of weapons to the hive. The Sunrunner banks and makes a wide turn to break orbit, the engines malfunction and threaten to stop the escape before it starts. However thanks to Fi, the intrepid Jawa engineer manages to stabilize the engines and allow them full power.

The Sunrunner takes off with Trevor at the helm and Myla acting as co-pilot. As they race across the plains of Geonosis two Imperial drop ships land next to the hive and began offloading troops as two imperial escort fighters launch an attack on the Sunrunner. Trevor manages some difficult piloting dodging the incoming attacks as they make their first pass on the Imperial drop ships. Myla makes a deadly strafing attack severely damaging one drop ship. Trevor rolls the ship putting Jinn in an excellent firing position, where he lands a successful attack on the drop ship knocking out its forward landing gear and causing it to list. Trevor performed a series of daring maneuvers narrowly missing the incoming attacks by the two pursuing fighters. Jinn lands a solid hit on to one fighter knocking out its engines forcing it to careen towards the ground. Trevor makes a quick turn flying back on the course he came causing the fighter to pull up quickly, unfortunately the fighter launched a deadly attack on the Sunrunner knocking out the shields and causing damage to the outer hull. Fi managed to bring the shields partially back up, bouncing between two workstations lost in his work he was keeping the ship, and the crew, alive.

As Trevor approached the drop ships the Imperial troops could be seen approaching the landing platform, however the Geonosians were holding them off with the weapons that the crew of the Sunrunner just offloaded. As the imperial troops were bottlenecked the Sunrunner made one more pass before heading into orbit. Myla made a devastating strafe on the troops being offloaded and turned one of the drop ships into a heap of scrap metal. As Trevor rolls the ship one last time Jinn made one more attack on the troops in the bottleneck elimanting a large concentration of them. Trevor turned the ship and was about to punch the throttle forward, the Imperial fighter took up position behind the Sunrunner and was about to make another attack when Jinn turned his turret around and landed an attack that destroyed the fighter as the Sunrunner pulled up hard and broke orbit of Geonosis.

In orbit the crew of the Sunrunner encountered debris from the days battles. Another two fighters, along with a heavy transport began to close on the Sunrunner. Trevor tried in vain to bluff his way out of conflict, however the Imperials were tracking the ship as it attacked the Imperial fighters pursuing it. Trevor, in an act of supreme courage, flew the ship into the debris field to try and shake the incoming fighters. Jinn tried to hold off the fighters from the turret but they were too swift for him to gain a target lock. Fi scanned the nearby debris field and discovered that there was a strange liquid leaking from the wreckage of the droid control ship. Trevor flew parallel to the liquid to bring the imperial ships closer. Once they become close enough to launch an attack Trevor banked quickly and headed out of the debris field managing to find a narrow corridor to escape through. Jinn aimed for the strange liquid as the ships got closer and closer, once they closed on the Sunrunner Jinn opened fire igniting the strange liquid in a blue green flame engulfing the incoming fighters. As they cleared they debris field, they fighters made one final desperate attack as Trevor Punched it, and launched the ship into Hyperspace on a course to Alderran.

During the four day journey to the planet they hoped would be their haven the tried to figure out what to do with their, other, cargo. Jinn believed they should go to Nar Shaada and find answers to who the people in stasis are, and what they were doing on the Sunrunner. Trevor, along with the rest of the crew believed they should take them to Alderran and leave them in the hands of the authorities. Jinn was conflicted and tried to talk to Tamra to see where she would go. She was still unsure of the situation and concerned for her son. Jinn meditated hoping the force would guide his actions, he was given a moment of clarity that allowed him to see Nar Shaada would not be safe for Tamra or the other people in stasis. He relented and told Trevor that the decision to drop them off at Alderran was the right one.

Trevor and Fi were engaged in an epic game of holo chess on the flight to Alderran. Fi managed to pull off a stunning victory. In these moments the crew had time to take stock of all they had been through in just a short period of time. The mortal danger, the thrill of the chase, the fear. The crew cherished these few moments of peace, who knows when they will have them again. As the ship touched down on Alderran they were greeted by the landing platform officials. Trevor negotiated the standard business for ships in port. Fi began looking at the damage that was done to the ship and figuring out exactly how he was going to repair it, Myla talked to Tamra and tried to ease her mind, Jinn tried to find where the local hospital was hoping he would be able to drop off the refugees that were in stasis. The crew busied themselves with the tasks at hand, for now they were safe but safety is fleeting…



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