The Sunrunner Legacy

Sweet Home Corellia


JEBBLE, final entry:
Blasted our way out of orbit just in the nick of time, as the thermo-nuclear cleansing began. Couldn’t decide where to go next so headed back to NarShadda for the time being.

Kaleb arranged meeting with his dead fiancé’s father at the Meltdown Cafe, who turned out to be Earnest Eveningstar…cant say I was that surprised. Found out that Earnest had specifically hired Calen to not only get his daughter back but for Calen to rescue his own son (NICE OF YOU TO TELL US NOW). Calen had hijacked his old ship back from Droova to complete the mission.

Earnest revealed his rival’s name, Nova Solaris. She has apparently canned Vandis since his failed his last two assignments, partly in thanks to the crew’s efforts, HaHa. Also Vandis has been snooping around looking for a mark on Corellia. We better go see what hes up to and have a little chat.


CORELLIA, landing:
Landed in Coronet City, capital of Corellia. Kaleb’s from here as well. Father was all over the holonets that hes scheduled for execution for treason against the NEW ORDER?! For aiding & abetting a Jedi?

After landing met up with an old contact friend that owed me a favor at CPD, brought Myla so they could run a facial recognition software on her. While Myla and I were out, had Fi look for Vandis. Fi found something like 50 entries for YT-2400’s so he needed help narrowing it down. I got on the horn with Earnest who gave us a few of the known aliases for Vandis’s outrunner:
Raven Storm
Straight Arrow
Falcon’s Nest

Fi was able to find out that Falcon’s Nest had landed 2 days before our arrival and what docking bay he was in.

CORELLIA, Space Museum:
Send coded transmission to Maximillion Ridley to meet in discreet location, the Space Museum. Had the crew accompany but keep their distance.
Max was glad to see me and gave me info about my father and why he was being held. Invited crew over to talk. Max also lost his arm in an off-world expedition at Honoghr, to recover Rakatan Technology. Fi had Max look at a datapad of schematics he’s been carryin’ around and obsessing over (more than usual) and Max recognized it as Rakatan Temple Guardian Droid. Said he would give Fi a Rakatan Language translation program but would also love a copy of fi’s schematics.

Asked Max if he remembered the Sunrunner Prototype. He remembered the ship, HE helped designed and had also installed upgrades on it for Calen Star and was also familiar with Riko Yavin. He wanted to look over the ship, I made him promise not to take it apart.
Max would also pull strings to get me a talk with my Father in detention.

CORELLIA, New Order Embassy:
Security is MUCH laxer than I thought it might be. Father, didn’t expect to see me at all, but seemed pleasantly surprised. Like any good Corellian, he hates the New Order and wants them off Corellia, “make the bastards pay”. Did call me ‘son’ which is nice to hear again. I’ll be visiting again soon if things go as planned, wink wink.

CORELLIA, Docking Bay:
Came back to ship to see Max was there inspecting and working on it. He gave Fi the translation software. I sent a message to my old best friend Zan McElroy asking if he was able to help and if he could bring any like minded friends to a little Corellian Liberty Party I’m going to host at the Embassy if ya catch my drift.

The crew had to decide what they wanted to do first.



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