The Sunrunner Legacy

Why Are We Here?

And what the heck we carrying?

After the Sunrunner made it through an Imperial Blockade and landed on the planet of Geonisis. Captain Calen Star told the crew to wait on the ship for him until he returned from a personal errand.
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The crew waited.

And waited…

Finally they had a bad feeling about things and decidided to try and investigate. While trying to find the location of Calen Star’s Comlink transmitter they came across a timed message that after some waiting any maybe a bit of Jawa handiwork played the Following Message from the Captain:

Message from Calen Star

If you are hearing this it means that I have failed. Failed my wife… Failed my son, and failed all of you. I might be captured, but am probably dead. Offload the weapons onboard this ship as fast as you can and leave this place. A Geonisian named Riisk was my buyer, but that is not really why we were here. This ship has some hidden compartments with some very sensitive cargo. Take it to some place safe, someplace like Alderaan. I was using it to back a bluff, a bluff that obviously failed. Keep the cargo hidden and keep it safe. Please know that you all where not chosen to be part of this crew at random. I had my reasons. Reasons you will come to understand. I am hoping you were carry on with my goal. This ship is a good ship, it will serve you well. Seek out a Nautolan on Nar Shadda named Riko Yavin he was a friend of mine, and will have some answers that you seek.

The Crew didn’t know what to make of the message, and had to listen to it a couple more times. A special message addressed to Jinn was also found on the computer.

Jinn’s Message

Fi, being quite curious about this cargo they were hauling went to the bays to check it out. Myla a bit worried decided to follow. Meanwhile Trevor and Jinn discussed the implications of the messages and both descided the ship was hiding more than what was in plain sight. They descided to search the ship for hidden compartments. Jinn heading towards the Captian’s cabin, Trevor to the cargo area.

While enroute to the cargo, Fi reported that they had a hold full of weapons. Rifles to be exact. Many creates full of them. Myla started prepping the cargo for offloading figuring that was going to be next, while trying to discourage the Jawa from tampering with said cargo.

Trevor being accustomed to ships soon noticed that the ships design had two small sections of unused space. He quickly determined that there must be a hidden compartment. He quickly called over the Jawa and together they removed some paneling to reveal a hidden room.

In the room were two racks with six long grey pouches lying on each one. Each bag had cords coming out the top that were hooked to a power source being charged by the ships life-support system.

By this time Jinn and Myla had gathered round to see what this was all about. Jinn decided to step forward and cut open one of the pouches. Inside he found a women. A fully clothed women covered in a blue gelatinous substance. She remained unconscious and the crew quickly tried to grasp what this was all about.

The discussion didn’t get far before the women woke up in hysterics. The crew quickly tried to calm her down and convince her that they were good people trying to help. She was not that receptive to their explanations. The women kept asking about someone or something named Bread and told the crew that he’d been shot. After some more reassurances Myla was able to convince the women to head to her quarters to get cleaned up. Myla promised the women that she would keep her safe.

After getting cleaned up the women told Myla that her name was Tamra and she was from Naboo. She was out in a field with her son Bread, when she’d noticed smoke coming from their village. They headed home quickly but were attacked en-route. Bread was shot, then everything went dark.



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