The Sunrunner Legacy

Security Breach

When we last saw our intrepid crew they had blasted out of Jebble in the nick of time. They returned to their usual port of call, Nar Shada and met with their contacts to debrief. Caleb, Calen Star’s son, wanted to meet with the father of his now deceased fiance. The Sunrunner crew wanted to meet with their contactEarnest Eveningstar to conclude their mission. They turned out to be one in the same person, the crew debriefed and found some information on Vandis that led them back to Trevor‘s home of Corellia. After arriving. they found out Trevor’s father was scheduled for execution soon for aiding a Jedi. Due to Trevor and Fi hacking a computer and sensitive computer security programs, they were able to ground Vandis’ ship to buy them a small amount of time in order to rescue Trevor’s Father. Time, however, was one thing the crew was rapidly running out of.

Trevor and the rest of the crew listed off their options and priorities. It was very clear the Imperials wanted Trevor’s Father, Alistair Ridley, eliminated immediately. The crew was able to learn they had a few days to prepare though, so Vandis, it would seem…would have to wait. Trevor was able to arrange a meeting with his father. The two Ridleys, Alistair and Trevor were able to have a long overdue conversation, though not with out a hint of familiar animosity. Trevor returned to the Sunrunner and discussed the situation. Always keeping his eyes open to the big picture, he had made note of the guards and layout. The guards, while being trained very well, were still quite green; the crew thought a surprise assault might just do the trick.
Imperial embacy police section

Trevor and Fi were able to get a schematic of the interior of the building, including cameras and new construction. They noticed that there was a large empty room under construction directly adjacent to the prison holding cells. Fi became quite interested in an otherwise meaningless conversation when the words “Demolition” and “High Explosives” were mentioned. Trevor pointed out a spot on the interior diagram where, if a large enough charge was placed, it would keep his father safe, but allow them access into the prison area without having to fight the whole base. Jinn noticed that when the explosion finally alerted the base, there was an area that created a perfect bottleneck to trap the security forces—one person with a rifle could hold them off while the crew made their escape. Looking over the diagram, the crew realized that there was a large exterior section with a heavy fence close to the road, covered by one security camera. If they could disable the camera, or at the very least get something in front of the camera, it would help keep the crew concealed until the last possible second. Jinn figured he could use the force to hold up a branch or a bird in front of the camera to conceal the rest of the crew from the security officials.

The crew went about preparing for their roles in the prison break; Trevor went over the security systems and diagram one more time. He also obtained a land speeder they could use from a rental company, as well as getting in touch with some of his contacts to obtain information and supplies. Trevor obtained the high grade explosives, while Fi took care of the detonators and wiring. Myla, Trevor and Jinn performed external reconnaissance on the building where Alistair Ridley was being held, making note of the various windows, doors, possible patrol routes, and cameras. There was just the one camera, on a high tower right next to the area where the crew needed to get into. Jinn knew a branch or leaves wouldn’t work since their were not any near enough to the camera to be reasonable. Also, a bird would not work because it would be evening. So it had to be a small bat model for Jinn to hold in front of the security camera, while the crew made their move. Jinn made his way to a taxidermy store and tried to find a reasonably realistic stuffed bat. Jinn talked to a rather knowledgeable store clerk who knew a lot…a lot about bats. He helped Jinn pick out a rather convincing stuffed bat, but he was so enthusiastic in sharing his knowledge about bats that he wasn’t even aware that his customer was in battle armor and carrying a blaster on his hip. The day was coming to an end and the crew was ready to make their move.

In their rented landspeeder, the crew pulled to the side of the fence near the security headquarters. They popped the cover on their engine compartment and started making their preparations to begin the assault. As they were just about ready to jump the fence a security officer stopped them and shone a glow rod on the crew and began to question why they are there. He told the crew to move along as they can’t park where they are. The crew thanked him for his help, while cursing him for his interference. The crew moved the car to a nearby lot and approached the fence. Myla used the electro-binoculars and discovered the security guard who stopped them was now leaning against a patrol car smoking a cigarette right in the path of the Sunrunner crew. The group waited, hoping the guard was going to carry on his patrol and leave them alone; sadly, as with many things for the crew, this was not to be. Jinn reached out with the force and raised the bat in front of the Security Camera to conceal their movements; they were going to have to incapacitate the guard by the patrol speeders before moving into the prison complex. Trevor and Myla deftly made their way across the field where the guard was positioned. Jinn helped boost the little Jawa over the fence but had him wait until the guard was no longer a threat until he moved any further. For all Jinn knew, Fi responded YES very cordially. Trevor made his way around the rear of the vehicle as did Myla, both very quietly and very stealthily. Trevor went around the right and Myla went around the left. Trevor was hoping to knock the guard unconscious and restrain him. He signaled for Myla to grab the guard if he tried to leave, and then Trevor took a breath and made his move. He stepped out from behind the speeder and his holster brushed against the side of the speeder making an almost imperceptible sound, and the guard turned just in time to see Trevor. He grabbed his radio and called back to his colleagues; “Security Breach”. Trevor immediately fired, silencing the guard, but the damage was done. The crew…had been compromised.

Our heroes immediately adapted, as they always do, to their new plan. Jinn, hearing the sirens and radio calls, dropped the bat and ignited his lightsaber cutting a hole through the fence and jumping inside the compound. Fi had already started running towards the other side of the field to the building itself. Myla jumped up from behind the patrol speeder and ran to the planned infiltration point. Trevor and Myla looked over the window frame to see if they could make it in through the window. Myla noticed a security wiring between the frame and the wall itself; they weren’t able to enter through the window without setting off more alarms. Fi and Trevor tried to hack the door code to enter the building. As they did, blaster bolts tear through the night towards their position from the garage area, where the security guard was neutralized by Trevor. Without ever breaking a sweat, Trevor tossed a grenade with unbelievable accuracy towards the oncoming security guards. It detonated directly in front of them, and Trevor managed to lower the gate to halt any more from coming through at least for the moment. Jinn, hearing the sound of approaching engines, ignited his lightsaber and cut the glass out of the window, leaving the frame and wall security contact intact. Trevor and Myla laid down cover fire while Jinn helped Fi enter the opening in the window. Jinn then helped Myla, right after she took a single shot and blasted the security camera. Finally, it was Jinn and Trevor, kneeling next to the wall, blasting away together at the oncoming security officials. Trevor turned to Jinn and offered to help him in. Jinn declined and told Trevor to go save his father—he would hold the line. Trevor deftly lept into the building as Jinn began firing to cover him. Jinn began to make his way into the building, when a patrol vehicle came around the corner and opened fire with its mounted weapon.

Trevor ran towards the wall between the construction area and the holding cells. Fi, placing the explosives, was incredibly focused on his task….more so than usual. For the moment, base security was not aware of the crews ultimate location. Jinn was holed up at the far end of the room laying down fire at the approaching security officials. As the patrol craft came closer, Jinn turned his attention to the gunner, allowing a few troops to get behind Jinn’s defense and flank him. Several more troops were maneuvering around the Patrol Speeder to rush into the building. Jinn reached out with force and used his training to launch a deadly blast of shrapnel at the troops. He withdrew from his position but took two blaster bolts from the troops that had flanked him. He took cover to his right near some construction equipment. Myla seeing Jinn being cut off from the rest of the group opened fire on the troops killing one, while Jinn downed the other trooper. Jinn looked up and saw Fi move off to the side of the wall, away from the explosives, and watched Trevor taking cover behind some more construction equipment. Jinn lowered his head just as the blast ripped through the room, taking out another trooper. Trevor dashed into the middle of the security cells where his father was being held, just as the crew had planned. Trevor looked through the cells and found the one containing Alistair. Jinn yelled out to take every one of the prisoners. Suddenly the door opened and two heavily armored troops entered the room, raised their arm and fired their main weapon at the group.

The first Trooper ignited his flamethrower and blasted at Myla; she rolled out of the way and threw off her cloak as it was engulfed in flame. She turned, raised her weapon and fired at the tank, engulfing the trooper in flames. Jinn jumped out of the way of the other trooper as he sprayed the area with fire. Jinn raised his weapon and took a shot, hitting the tank on the trooper’s back and erupting in flame. Simultaneously, Trevor figured out how to open the cell door and helped his father out of the cell. Just as Alistair stepped to freedom, blaster bolts tore through the detention area as troops approached the Sunrunner crew’s position. Trevor grabbed his carbine, flipped the selector switch to automatic, and stepped out into the hallway; he let out a primal roar and sprayed blaster fire down the hallway. Taking out several of the troopers with his first volley, he stepped back into the detention area to avoid their counterattack. He continued to hold them off from the hallway, as Jinn and Myla made it into the detention area. Jinn heard the voice of a woman asking for help. He took a look at the locking mechanism and knew he wouldn’t be able to hack through it. Jinn ignited his lightsaber and cut a hole through the wall and helped the female prisoner escape; she immediately assumed he was a Jedi, but he corrected her saying; “No madam, I am no Jedi.”

She was in her 30’s, but had an air of responsibility and experience well beyond her years. Trevor continued to fire at the troopers keeping them successfully bottlenecked. Just as Trevor stepped back into the hallways to let lose another volley, Jinn was hit with blaster fire from the room through which they entered. The troops were beginning to encircle the party and had cut off their path of escape. Jinn took cover just as the female prisoner picked up a blaster from one of the dead security guards and blasted the trooper that had hit Jinn. The party made their way towards the garage where the other patrol speeders were parked. Trevor naturally jumped into the pilots seat, as Fi piled into the back of the prisoner wagon. Jinn took up position behind the rest of the party and picked up a blaster rifle and laid down suppressive fire. As he did the Sunrunner crew, Alistair Ridley, and their recently liberated female prisoner made it safely into the prisoner wagon. Trevor took off, and the crew knew the escape had just begun. While Trevor was trying to maneuver his way out of the Security Compound, a tank came around the corner and fired its main gun at the escaping party. Trevor expertly piloted the crew away from the chasing tank, dodging several more blasts from its cannon. Trevor launched the craft through the fence encircling the prison, breaking it down while also fatally damaging the prisoner wagon.

Trevor, with the help of the daring little Jawa Fi, managed to keep the craft running long enough to make it near a parking garage. Fi set a crude form of self destruct on the prisoner wagon, while the crew ran into the parking garage. They managed to hack the controls of three speeders. Unfortunately, they were all 2 seaters so the crew had to split up. Trevor and his father got into one, Myla and Fi got another one, while Jinn and the female prisoner they rescued took the last one. Before they left, Jinn took a look towards Trevor and his father getting into the speeder and taking off. He saw Trevor smile—an honest smile, perhaps the first since the two met. It was nice to see; Jinn was happy he could help Trevor save his dad, it reminded him of his own father. Jinn shook off the sentiment and got back to the job at hand; they weren’t safe yet. He took off his helmet to better blend in with civilian traffic. He turned towards the rescued female. She looked Jinn over and said; “Your uglier than you look.” Jinn smiled and engaged the engine and as he pulled out of the parking area turned to her and said; “And you’re not as pretty as you think you are.” She smiled and turned away looking back at the explosion of the prisoner wagon behind them as Jinn maneuvered into the traffic of Corellia. “I am very gratefully for the rescue, my name is Mon Mothma I’m a dissident. My cover was intact, but it raised questions and the Imperials arrested me…who sent you?” Jinn replied; “I’m glad we could help, but we didn’t come for you. We came so my friend could help his father.”



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