The Sunrunner Legacy

Once More Unto The Breach

Last time our heroes made it to Crevice city on Alderaan. They managed to remain disguised on the peaceful planet, as well as not getting into any confrontations. They were able to put the refugees they had been carrying into the hands of the hospital staff on Crevice city. They attempted to return Tamra to Naboo, however once they got her home she lied to the authorities and said the Sunrunner crew was responsible for the attack on Soreu falls. The officer however, did not believe her due largely to Trevor’s magnificent ability to think on his feet and convince the officer he was Dr. Rosenthall from Alderaan escorting Tamra back for help. She ran off, Jinn pursued her once the rest of the group obtained a speeder they went after her as well. Jinn had hoped she merely panicked, and acted out of fear this unfortunately was not the case. He used the force to block her path and held her until the rest of the Sunrunner crew could arrive. With the help of the local law enforcement they put her into custody and headed back to the ship, where they set course for Nar Shaddaa.

Nar shaddaa

As they arrived in the spaceport a strange sense of danger fell over the crew. Perhaps it was the rumors of Nar Shaddaa, rumors of violence and lawlessness…rumors that were well deserved. Perhaps it was something more sinister. The crew went forth into the city to find the answers they came for….to find Rico Yavin. The Crew searched the main city of Nar Shaddaa they had no idea where to start but they had one ace card….Trevor, he seemed to know more about Nar Shaddaa than they all previously believed. They made their way to several dive bars. Starting at the Slag Pit they found nothing and moved onto the Burning Deck. Here their luck changed—it turned out this bar, along with being a nest of corruption and violence, was also a place of secrets and information. Everything that happens on Nar Shaddaa is known at the Burning Deck, including where to find Rico Yavin.

At the Burning Deck the crew found out that Rico Yavin owned a stake in the Meltdown Cafe, a diner as much as it is a bar, and a tad upscale (that is upscale for Nar Shaddaa). Our heroes made their way towards the Meltdown Cafe. As they did so they were met by a local swoop gang who thought they were an easy score, but as the gang would soon find out….they were dead wrong. Trevor tried talking the gang out of what they were about to do, Myla moved to flank Trevor while Fi sized up the opposition. Jinn was a few steps behind the rest of the group to make sure no one trailed them; he saw the gang beginning to take an aggressive posture and moved down a parallel alleyway hoping to flank the gang and catch them in a deadly crossfire. Trevor could tell his charm wasn’t working on the local gang and tried to convince them he was an employee of Kurka the Hutt. As Jinn was swiftly moving to flank he heard this and assumed it to be a deception. The swoop gang made the first move and drew down on Trevor; Myla drew her blaster with blinding speed and fired a quick shot from the hip, nailing her target in the chest and killing him before he hit the ground. Trevor had his attention stuck on one of the other gang members who he felt was going to be a problem—he was right. The gang member focused on Myla, and only saw Trevor draw his carbine when it was too late. He was aiming at Myla, and Trevor drew his weapon and fired hitting him in the side, severely wounding him and sending him to the ground. Suddenly a Gamorrean came out from a building with a rusted vibro-ax. Fi turned and opened fire on him. The Gamorrean was wounded, but even a wounded Gamorrean is dangerous, he kept on coming. Trevor noticed who he felt was the brains of the operation, leveled his carbine and fired, killing the leader. Jinn arrived right behind him as Trevor killed the gang leader. Jinn positioned himself to fire on the one Rodian gang member left. Jinn was prepared to let him run when suddenly a blaster bolt ripped through him as he was almost safe, Myla was not as generous as Jinn. The Gamorrean turned towards the little Jawa Fi and was about to cleave him in two when Trevor swung around and fired a burst into the Gamorrean. He dropped to a knee but was getting back up as Myla aimed, and squeezed the trigger deftly hitting him in the head and ending his life. Jinn arrived as the group decided to get off the streets and head towards the Meltdown Cafe before more gang members decided to show up.

The Sunrunner crew made it into the Meltdown Cafe, Jinn took up position by the door. Fi and Trevor went up to the bartender and started trying to get information from him. Myla went to the end of the bar to watch Trevor’s back. Eventually the bartender relented and told Trevor that Rico Yavin is part owner of the cafe, but he normally hangs out in his shop, the Busted Circuit, around the corner. Trevor orders a drink, the bartender grabs one from the back, but after a generous tip by Trevor, the bartender pours him a…..different drink. The group heads out of the cafe, and through the maze of shady vendors until they get to the flickering neon sign of the Busted Circuit. The crew heard noises and Rico Yavin, the Nautolon engineer, came out from the back where he was working on a droid. The crew had questions, and they were hoping Rico had the answers. Jinn removed his helmet, though he was only half Nautolon, his mothers features mixed with that of his Zabrak father were still clearly visible, and he hoped this would work in the groups favor. Trevor started asking questions, why the group was brought together, who was Calen Star, as well as who were the refugees in the cargo hold. Rico, as the group feared most, knew nothing with the exception that Calen was an old friend who’s wife was killed by slavers and his son was taken; they had been sent on a fools errand and were not any closer to learning the answers to the questions they had sought. The crew had tried, and again were left with questions that seemingly had no answers and no direction to turn to. Then Myla spoke up, remembering something Calen had said; she asked about a man named….Vandis. Rico told them that Vandis was bad news. A mercenary possibly former Jedi who took the most disreputable jobs, a commited heinous acts. Rico new that Vandis had recently had steady employment but he had no idea who.

Rico said he would do what he could to covertly inquire about more detials about Vandis, but in the meentime told them about a job he was hoping the Sunrunner crew could take on. The job seemed simple enough: there was a derelict space station that was full of great salvage. All they had to do was get there, take everything worth taking, and get back to Rico. On the surface it seemed like an easy job; however nothing was easy for the Sunrunner crew…and they all knew it. Before they left, Rico warned them that an angry Wookiee named Droova was after the crew, and he wasn’t the type that could be bargained with. The crew made sure Fi hadn’t liberated any supplies from Rico’s shop and made their way out and headed for their ship. They were about halfway to the ship when a docking port official headed them off and told them a rather large Wookiee was waiting for them by their ship. The crew lined up and headed in, with Jinn at the front. They hoped it could be resolved without violence but Wookiee’s aren’t known for their diplomacy.

They entered the hangar and saw the Wookiee they had been trying to avoid, standing in front of their ship. Standing beside him was a badly damaged protocol droid, who no doubt had at some point given bad news to Droova. The Wookiee growled at them with barely contained rage, and the protocol droid translated. Apparently at some point in time Droova had owned the Sunrunner and was determined to get her back. Jinn spoke back and told Droova that he was mistaken; the Sunrunner belonged to them now and Droova must have this ship mistaken with another one. Droova roared back at them, his anger no longer contained. The protocol droid translated that Droova was hoping they wouldn’t comply as he was looking forward to killing them. Jinn knew this enemy was far more powerful than he was capable of defeating. But the force had guided him here to this moment, and he trusted in his compatriots; perhaps all of them were capable of defeating the enraged Wookiee. Droova leveled his bowcaster at Jinn and fired, hitting Jinn square in the chest. Jinn felt the bolts tear into his flesh he dropped to a knee he felt his life fading, but through the force, he held on. Jinn rolled over to cover and braced his blaster pistol against a stack of cargo aiming carefully. Trevor took up position across the hangar from Jinn and leveled his carbine at the Wookiee, while Myla moved back a few steps to get to cover. Droova watched where everyone moved to and prepared to fire at Trevor, ignoring the little Jawa Fi like so many others had before him….a dangerous mistake to make. As Droova fired his bowcaster at Trevor, Fi leveled his carbine and landed a blast square in Droova’s chest, burning his hair, and causing him to roar in pain. Jinn fired back at him but the Wookiee was more nimble than he appeared and dodged his attack. Trevor and Myla both fired at Droova, narrowly missing him. Droova aimed his crossbow at Fi, sending bolts tearing into him and knocking him to the ground. They exchanged fire for several more seconds, before they were interrupted by several gang members of Kurka the Hutt. Jinn and Trevor looked at each other, and they both knew with three more guns they had a chance to take him. Jinn took stock of the situation: he saw Fi hurt badly and his own wounds were still burning with pain. They might be able to take Droova with these new guns, but Jinn knew they would lose a lot of friends, if not everyone. Jinn lowered his weapon, as did Trevor and Myla. Fi was already on the ground with his rifle beside him from Droova’s attack.

The Hutt’s men convinced Droova that it was in his own best intersted not to harm someone ‘indebted’ to a Hutt. The Wookiee left, swearing vengeance on the Sunrunner crew. Then the three gang members told Trevor that Kurka demanded an audience with him. Jinn assumed Trevor had bluffed when he had claimed to work for Kurka, it appeared it was not much of a bluff. Myla expressed concern that the group should heal before they met with Kurka, in case they were in for another battle. Jinn replied that Kurka would either kill them or he wouldn’t. If he decided to kill them, they didn’t need to heal and it would be a waste of medical supplies; if he choose not to kill them, it would still be a waste of medical supplies. They headed towards Kurka’s headquarters, a floating casino named the Falleen Lady in low orbit around Nar Shaddaa. Hopefully the crew’s luck would turn around.

As the Crew entered the casino, they saw all of the gambling and the table games. Fi was drawn over to a swoop track, where he was hoping he could place a few wagers and earn some credits. The crew, however, had other ideas and pulled him along with them: everyone’s fate would be the same. They made it to the elevator, and the guard was not prepared to let anyone but Trevor up to see Kurka. The rest of the Sunrunner crew was not prepared to let Trevor go in alone, and with Trevor’s gift of persuasion he convinced the guard to let them all up. They made it up the elevator and were met by more guards; Kurka clearly had made some enemies, a sign of success by Hutt standards. Trevor once again spoke in such a way as to let the whole group through. They had to surrender their sidearms; Trevor knowing the type of creature Kurka was kept his holdout blaster concealed….but still easy to get to if needed. Myla turned over her pistol, as did Jinn, and Fi grumbled but eventually gave up his carbine. Jinn, however, held onto his Vibrodagger, and as always his lightsaber was concealed in his wrist holster.

As they were introduced to the Hutt it was clear he wasn’t happy. Kurka blamed Trevor for losing the cargo from his last ship. Trevor tried talking his way out of it but Kurka wasn’t listening. Trevor told him the cargo was lost because the ship was sabotaged and ended up crashing because of it. Kurka didn’t care and was going to kill him for letting the ship be sabotaged. Trevor playing a long shot blamed Fi for the ship being destroyed. Kurka’s guards approached Fi and grabbed him by the arms. Jinn stepped in at this point and told them to wait. If the Guards moved one more inch he would draw his lightsaber and take their heads; though he wasn’t the greatest duelist yet, he could not let his new Jawa friend be injured. Trevor was merely playing the odds, and told Kurka that he was the best smuggler and to stay the best, he needed Fi. It was a brilliant gamble; he shifted blame away from himself onto someone that he then made irreplaceable. It was a brilliant move that ended up working, Jinn didn’t understand how Trevor was not able to achieve this kind of victory during holochess. Kurka gave Trevor a mission to make up for the one he botched. The guards relaxed their grip on Fi, as Kurka gave them the details of the job he needed done.

Kurka’s uncle Gulga has been looking down on Kurka his entire life, and Kurka has finally had enough. Though he doesn’t care much beyond keeping his casino flowing with credits, he has decided to ruin Gulga, merely for the respect it will garner….as well as the credits he will gain. Gulga has a supply of Engspice in a nearby system and Kurka wants it either destroyed or brought back to him. It is up to the Sunrunner crew to deal with any sort of danger that may be waiting for them. Trevor agrees, and he and the crew leave Kurka and exit the Falleen lady. Fi once again eyes the gambling, hoping his new luck will hold. Trevor, however, makes it quite clear they need to leave quickly and finish the mission. Perhaps he is concerned about Kurka’s reprisal, or perhaps he has a plan working in his mind; Trevor sees credits everywhere, even from the mission given to them by a corrupt Hutt.



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