The Sunrunner Legacy

No Good Deed...

Crevice city revised

Last time our heroes made it through firefights and pursuit by imperial fighters. They made it to Crevice city on Alderran and were looking forward to some rest and recovery, as well as time to repair their damaged ship. Trevor negotiated the price for docking while Fi worked on repairing their damaged ship. Knowing how this strange group of aliens worked, he fixed the critical components first and worked his way down to the secondary systems in case they needed to leave in a hurry. They had a few moments of peace which they all badly needed, but peace it would seem, isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.

The crew got together and discussed their more pressing issue. Trevor and Fi had discovered what the silver pouches in the secret cargo compartments were exactly. They were medical stasis pouches that kept the occupants in some form of healthy suspended animation. The people inside were not aware of where they were or how much time had passed, as was evident by Tamra when she emerged from cryo-stasis. They had 24 hours of power if they were to be disconnected from the Sunrunners life support systems, which meant the crew had some time to deal with the refugees before they would awaken in the same confused state as Tamra did. There was one last bit of information that Trevor said rather offhandedly that Jinn felt a particular unease about—the stasis pouches were sometimes used by bounty hunters to store their prey.

Many ideas were proposed. Fi wanted to dump them in a field on their way out of the city. Myla, on the other hand, wanted to located an intergalactic refugee center, while Trevor and Jinn were convinced after seeing the way Tamra awoke, they had to leave them in a medical facility. They debated back and forth until finally, reluctantly for Fi, they decided on leaving them at the hospital. The question was: where was the hospital in this small resort town? Trevor and Fi stayed with the ship, while Jinn and Myla went into the city to perform some reconnaissance, as well as find supplies and food for the crew. It turns out there were no places to buy weapons, or supplies of any kind. In fact the two of them stood out with their weapons, and armor. Jinn was even approached by a youth preaching the merits of pacifism and non- violence. Jinn did his best to convince the youth he meant no harm, and neither did his attractive and heavily armed associate as the youth looked nervously at his blaster slung onto his hip. They proceeded through town and were given a few questioning looks; the two realized they definitely stood out though they were able to locate the local hospital that was, luckily, close to where they docked their ship. As they returned to the docking platform, they heard whispers about the gigantic new vessel in town. Jinn and Myla realized the people were referring to the Sunrunner. Not only were they the only people in town carrying weapons, they arrived in the largest ship in the whole city. This definitely complicated things.

They returned to the ship and reported to the rest of the crew. Fi still believed the best option would be to drop them off outside of town and then send an encoded transmission to the authorities as they left orbit. The rest of the crew still believed the best course of action was to get them to the hospital. Fi went back to his repairs still not knowing what to make of these weird aliens. Trevor and Myla hatched a bold plan to infiltrate the hospital under the guise of husband and wife and find someone who was receptive to this sensitive subject. Trevor and Myla left their weapons on the ship, so as not to draw any unneeded attention. Jinn and Fi felt it best they wait in the ship as backup in case the two got into trouble. They felt a heavily armed Jawa and an armored Jensaarai would definitely stand out on a mission that relied heavily on stealth and subterfuge. If they needed to bail out Trevor and Myla they were close enough to the hospital to get there quickly. Trevor and Myla left for the hospital hoping they would not need to call for an emergency extraction.

As they entered the hospital Myla was making note of all the security systems, including cameras and guard routes, while Trevor used his masterful oratory skills to convince the hospital staff they needed to talk with the administrator. They were ushered into a back room, which held offices and administration. Trevor and Myla met the Director of Medicine Doctor Rosenthall. An intense game of wits and diplomacy ensued—one that both men had played many times before. Trevor was still hoping to make money on the deal. A tiger can’t change their stripes and a smuggler can’t change who they are. The two men battled each other in a war of pleasantries and social graces. Doctor Rosenthall knew he wasn’t getting the whole story from Trevor, and Trevor was not about to tip his hand. The Doctor would ask a question, and Trevor would delicately side step the answer. While never outright lying to the man, he was able to avoid giving a definitive answer to Doctor Rosenthall. The Doctor was also not a fool, and eventually was able to surmise what exactly Trevor was trying to sell him. The refugees in the silver pouches, though he didn’t much care exactly how he were to get them he also was able to see credits in this deal….credits for himself. Eventually he quoted Trevor a price for taking the refugees into his hospital. Trevor, in a moment of supreme boldness, bluffed and claimed the price was too high. There were many places that were willing to help them with the refugees, though he knew there weren’t. Doctor Rosenthall relented and significantly lowered his price. In a moment of uncharacteristic generosity Trevor agreed and spent a rather large portion of his own credits to secure the safety of the unconscious refugees in the Sunrunners cargo hold….a group of people that would never know the sacrifice he made.

Trevor and Myla returned to the ship, and as Doctor Rosenthall had promised, several medical vehicles discreetly arrived at the hanger and began offloading the silver stasis pouches. The crew looked on as they were happy to know the refugees inside would get the care they needed. However, they still had one last refugee which they had to deal with, Tamra. As the medical vehicles were making their last few runs out of the hangar, Jinn approached Tamra and offered her 500 credits, enough for her to take a transport back to Naboo. She was still worried about her son, and Jinn assured her that he was not in one of the Stasis pouches. She declined his offer, not sure of who attacked her or who kidnapped her, she didn’t feel safe. While she was wary of this unknown group of heavily armed strangers they, so far, had always kept their promise, which she couldn’t be as sure of with a strange new crew on an unknown vessel. The Sunrunner crew really did not want to go to another strange planet on a mission with unspecific goals. Trevor still stinging from the loss of hard earned credits to save the other refugees was determined to make back his loses and a profit by returning Tamra home. He argued with her saying, that the trip to Naboo would cost a significant amount of credits for fuel and expenses. Tamra eventually said that her family had money and she would be able to pay. Unconvinced with such an open ended answer he pressed her harder for details on how much he could expect, she dodged his pressure just saying she could give them credits. Fed up Trevor finally asked for 2000 credits to deliver her to Naboo, she avoided answering and he persisted. Eventually Jinn, being distressed by Trevor’s unrelenting pressure on someone he felt responsible for securing, took her to her temporary quarters in Myla’s room. He offered her a significant sum of credits out of his own funds to offer to Trevor. She took the credits and asked if she could see a computer terminal, Jinn asked her to wait until he talked with Trevor and they started on their way to Naboo. She agreed and waited patiently in Myla’s room as Jinn went and told Trevor she had agreed and was willing to pay once they arrived on Naboo. Jinn hoped he would be able to have Tamra pay Trevor off with the credits he gave her, and then conveniently “lose” her in the streets of Naboo. Trevor reluctantly agreed and they departed Crevice city, and broke orbit of Alderran and launched into Hyperspace on course to Naboo.

During the few days journey to Naboo from Alderran the crew busied themselves with personal business. Jinn meditated and practiced his lightsaber techniques in secret in his quarters. Trevor and Fi performed a re-match of their ongoing holo chess rivalry. Fi once again was victorious in a narrow upset of Trevor’s well placed strategy; the little Jawa’s instinctive style of gameplay proved decisive. Myla talked with Tamra who was eager to access a computer terminal to see the status of her son and husband. Myla was very uneasy to let her access the terminal. After a day of travel while the rest of the crew was sleeping, she approached Jinn and asked him if he would let her access the computer to search for her son and husband. He agreed, but warned her that she might not like what she discovered and asked if she was sure she wanted to go down a road that may only lead to heartbreak. She said yes, she had to know. Jinn used his passcode to access the computer and she searched the records of Naboo. She searched for a while and then stopped and began to cry softly. Already knowing what she had found, Jinn asked her what it was. She told him her husband and son were dead. Jinn gave his condolences and told her of how he witnessed his own parents being killed and the anger that moment caused and his need for vengeance; he told her that path would only lead to darkness and pain. He tried to save her from falling to her darkness, a darkness he also worked hard at keeping at bay. She wished to be alone; though Jinn felt her emotions becoming twisted he granted her wish and left her alone for the remainder of the journey.

The Sunrunner arrived on Naboo, Trevor and Fi hoped for a payday while Jinn was becoming worried about Tamra and her growing darkness. Trevor went through the regular routine com calls to gain landing clearance. As they landed in a docking port in the capital city of Theed it was clear that the city, if not the planet was engaged in a large celebration the crowds in the streets were massive. As they all waited at the ramp for it to lower Myla noticed that Tamra was much stronger and angrier than she had ever seemed before. She made a gesture to Jinn how she was sensing her conflicting emotions. Jinn noticed as well however he felt no noticeable connection to the Dark side of the force…yet. It was so obvious that Trevor even noticed her drastic change in behavior asking Jinn in Boche, a language they both shared, what was going on. Jinn answered him back that he had a bad feeling about what was happening. Tamra was adamant about not needing them to follow her, Jinn and Myla were convinced of the contrary. Jinn didn’t give her the option to argue any longer and just walked out into the streets with her and asked if she knew where she was going.

They all left the Sunrunner, Jinn growing more and more uneasy with each step. They approached a Law enforcement official Tamra said would be able to help them. As they approached, Jinn knew something was wrong but was unable to foresee what was about to happen. Tamra approached the law enforcement official said who she was, and without missing a beat, said that the crew of the Sunrunner were the ones who kidnapped her. The law enforcement official was taken aback by what he just heard, Trevor (always the quick thinker) said he was Doctor Rosenthall from Alderran who was escorting this refugee who somehow made it to Crevice city after the attack on Soreu falls and was dealing with some serious mental illness due to the stress of the incident. Myla sensing they may have to leave another system in a hurry, stealthily melted into the crowd and made her way back to the Sunrunner to warm up the engines and ready the ship to blast its way out of another system. Meanwhile Trevor was trying his hardest to convince the law enforcement officer that he was a doctor and Jinn and Fi were his security escorts to bring this mentally unstable patient back to her home planet for treatment. Jinn watched as Tamra, unguarded, was beginning to step away. The Law officer called for backup believing Trevor was who he claimed he was. Another officer arrived in a landspeeder to help transport Tamra to a mental health facility. As it landed she bolted and ran into the mass of people, trying to disappear. Jinn took off after her as the other members of the Sunrunner and the Law officers got into the speeder and chased after her. Jinn managed to catch up to her and asked her why she said they were the ones that kidnapped her. She said she was scared and didn’t know what to do, Jinn understood and was prepared to let her escape. He asked her what she planned to do if he let her go; she said she would seek vengeance on the ones that killed her family. Jinn told her that was not the way—it would only lead down a path she could never survive. She told him he was a coward, and that she would never stop hunting. She started to get past Jinn, he had to make a choice: let her go or to stop her. He had to stop her, so he used his control of the force and pulled a trash receptacle in her path and she tripped over it. Jinn held her down as the others arrived in the speeder. She asked Jinn what will happen to her. He told her hopefully they will help you. They brought her into the speeder and made their way back to the hospital. Tamra was silent the entire way, as was Jinn he felt he not only failed her but failed himself.

As they were leaving the hospital Trevor thanked the Law officer, and he and Fi left. Jinn stayed back and asked the officer to look in on her, as she had no family left. Perhaps the law officer saw the sincerity in Jinn’s words, or he felt legitimately bad for Tamra but he agreed that he would come in every week and talk with her and make sure she was doing ok. Jinn was able to take some comfort in that, small as it might have been. They all made their way back to the Sunrunner, Trevor upset that he was out the credits he sought, Fi still confused with these strange aliens, and Jinn because he saw something of himself in Tamra. The Sunrunner took off and set course for Nar Shaada a place full of danger and hopefully, answers the crew desperately needed. Trevor set his mind to the task at hand, Fi began working on the engines and systems he was trying to upgrade, Myla set about making preparations for their next mission. Jinn however meditated, on the events at Naboo and those leading up to it. He felt a personal loss at his inability to dissuade Tamra from the path of vengeance and hatred. He saw something of himself in her, he mediated on the force to calm his mind and as he did so he had a vision of his parents he awakened from his meditation feeling stronger and more in tune with himself. He did not know what the vision meant, he did not have time to analyze it, they were getting closer to Nar Shaada, and he needed to prepare himself for the next adventure. He had a strange feeling this one was going to be their most challenging mission yet…



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