The Sunrunner Legacy

Nick of Time

Having just killed nearly an entire squad of Imperial Stormtroopers in the spaceport, the Sunrunner rocketed skyward toward the Imperial Fleet. Capt. Ridley heard the incessant repeated beep and flashing light of the Sunrunner being hailed but ignored it while he input coordinates into the navicomputer. Moments later, the Capt. and Myla heard a more urgent and threatening tone, incoming craft on intercept course. Myla focused the sensors and brought the craft up on the targeting computer.
“Looks like droid fighters, two of’em with missiles”, Capt. Ridley confirmed with Myla.
“This wont be pretty”, the Captain whispered under his breath.
“Battlestations, Battlestations”, the Capt. repeated over the ship’s comm system as he sounded the klaxon and raised shields.

Jinn rushed into the turret well and tested his systems, swiveling the gun and pointing it in the direction of the incoming interceptors. Fi fiddled with his engineering systems monitor to go over system to ensure no surprises were in store.

As the crew waited for the interceptors to close distance, the Capt. opened comm channel to see what the Imperials had to say.
“By order of the Galatic Empire, you are commanded to power down your ship and prepare to be boarded”, an Imperial Navy Officer read as scripted.
“I’m sorry, I don’t recognize your authority here”, Capt. Ridley replied and prompted closed the channel.
“Weapons free, you’re going to need to buy us some time”, the Captain radioed over to Jinn.

The first fighter came into weapons range and missed its mark wildly. Jinn landed a glancing blow and continued tracking it as broke off from the formation to avoid fire. With Jinn distracted, the next fighter came in full speed to strafe the top of the Sunrunner, managing to land a critical hit on the advanced targeting array’s main sensor dish. The crew rattled in their seats as the shields absorbed the hits from the next two fighters.

Capt. Ridley banked the Sunrunner hard left to pursue the grazed fighter and landed a solid blow, knocking out one of the twin engines that powered the craft. The Sunrunner was pelted by man more hits before Jinn was able to line up the finishing shot on the wounded fire.

The cockpit of the Sunrunner was engulfed in blinking warning indicators, chiming system alerts and emergency tones. “Shields buckling”, the Captain radioed to all crew. “We could really use a good engineer right about now, do you happen to know any Fi?” Capt. Ridley sarcastically asked with a tone of urgency.
“They’ve got a missile lock, Incoming! Break right….MARK”, Myla relayed to the Captain. A concussion missile streaked by the cockpit and out into the empty void of space.

Captain Ridley glanced over to the navicomputer to see how much time remained on the astrogation computations, he shook his head. He knew without Jinn able to hit much the remaining fighters would be too much. The crew was shaken again by a bad hit to a section of the hull.
“Hold your fire, we surrender”, the Captain radioed back to the Imperials as he brought the ship to a halt. He powered down systems and had a concentrated look on his face as he glanced between the navicomputer time remaining and the distance the imperials were from tractor beam range on the sensors. The Imperial capital ship sluggishly crept toward the stalled Sunrunner.

Seconds before the capital ship would be within tractor beam range, the navicomputer toned twice, indicating the jump to hyperspace was ready. Capt. Ridley hit the power and rocketed to full speed within seconds. He pulled back the control levers, jumping to lightspeed. The Sunrunner was safe for now.



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