The Sunrunner Legacy

Hell Hath No Fury

Last time our intrepid crew made it to the planet of Nar Shaddaa in search of a Nautolan named Riko Yavin who supposedly had answers for them they desperately needed. After searching Nar Shaddaa they headed towards Riko, where they were attacked by a local swoop gang. The Sunrunner crew were able to easily defeat their attackers and head towards their objective. They arrived in Riko Yavin’s shop and found the answers they needed, including the information on a former Jedi turned mercenary by the name of Vandis. Riko also told them about a job he needed done that the crew readily accepted. The crew left Riko on their way to do the salvage mission, when they ran into an ill tempered Wookiee named Droova. Apparently Droova owned the Sunrunner at some point in time, and was determined to get her back. Droova ruthlessly attacked the crew hitting Jinn in the chest with a blast from his bowcaster, as well as hitting Fi with a savage attack. The crew was saved by the most unlikely of saviors—hired goons from Kurka a local Hutt crime lord. Apparently, Trevor worked for Kurka and lost a shipment of his a while back, and Kurka was going to collect. He gave the crew a mission: to retrieve or destroy Engspice from his uncle Gulga. The crew left with their lives and a sense of urgency; it is not often a Hutt gives out second chances.

Rorak 5

The crew left Nar Shaddaa and traveled to Rorak V, a space station in orbit of the planet Rorak IV. The station is a sort of neutral ground with various factions and the Hutt clans selling their ill gotten goods, particularly slaves. An asteroid field stands between Nar Shaddaa and Rorak V, and the crew must take precautions traveling through the asteroid field. Jumping out of hyperspace right before the asteroid field, they navigate carefully through the various rocky obstacles. Jinn takes up his position in the upper turret to destroy any wayward asteroids, as well as fearing a retaliation from Droova at some point. Nerves are definitely high, but the trip through the asteroids is uneventful and the Sunrunner sets course for Rorak V and jumps into hyperspace.

The Crew makes it to Rorak V and instantly are met with the sort of corruption that is common place in an area that is run by Hutts, Pirates, and Slavers. Trevor bribes the docking officials and gets bumped to the head of the line that has formed to get into Rorak V. As they pass empty docking bays, the crew realizes what exactly they are dealing with. Our hero’s exit their ship and are immediately accosted by the foul stench that is Rorak V. As the crew braces for what is sure to be their most dangerous mission to date, a line of chained Wookiee’s are lead past them guarded by their slave masters who recently purchased these sad souls. The Sunrunner crew walks through the common area where they docked (since they were not affiliated with any clan), and the docking area is awash in trash. Young children rummage through the trash piles for scraps of food and pieces of salvage to sell or use for their own desperate situation.

Immediately Trevor and Fi locate a public terminal to search for their contact a Gran by the name of Mak Aak, while Myla keeps her eyes open for trouble. As they are searching Jinn notices a bar, ironically named Legitimate Business Cantina. Having gotten valuable information in places like these before, he heads over to the Cantina to grab a drink and ask some questions. Jinn heads up to the bar and asks the Rodian waitress for a drink; she wrings out the bar mat into a shot glass and serves it to him. Jinn looks the drink over thanks the waitress, and asks about the man they are supposed to meet. The Rodian gets visibly shaken and tells Jinn he’s asking dangerous questions and walks away from him. About that time a rather charismatic Gungan approaches Jinn. The Gungan had been eavesdropping and offered to help Jinn stay out of trouble. The Gungan had several tattoo’s and piercings as well as a few scars across his nose and cheek, the Gungan was also dressed very flamboyantly, similar to several pirates that Jinn had run into on his travels….an image the Gungan was trying very hard to perpetuate.

By now, Trevor and the rest of the Sunrunner crew had found the information they were searching for and realized their contact was in the same Cantina Jinn had entered. Our heroes walk into the bar and eye up the place—a typical Cantina full of the galaxies lowest of lowlifes. They look over to the bar and see Jinn talking with an elaborately decorated Gungan. Trevor gets a rather sly smile on his face when he see’s the Gungan and approaches him with the rest of his compatriots. Jinn looks over as Trevor approaches, and the Gungan turns to see Trevor, Fi, and Myla approaching and instantly smiles and shouts TREVO! The two had apparently known each other, no doubt performing some unscrupulous operations. The Gungan went by the name of Peppi Graff; he was currently the captain of the blockade runner The Nabooian Queen, a rather notable rum-runner. He also happened to be a good friend of Trevor Ridley. The two had some rather intense adventures several years ago where Trevor saved Peppi’s life….on more than one occasion. Peppi shared with them the information that he had on Mak Aak. Particularly, that the Gran was right at the end of the bar rather nervous and drinking heavily. After sharing a drink with his old friend, Trevor reluctantly had to get back to business. Peppi bid him good luck and hoped to see him again. The Crew split up; Trevor and Fi went down to the end of the bar to confront their contact, Myla milled about in the crowd, and Jinn sat at a table and watched the door.

Trevor approached Mak Aak and tried to talk with him like an old friend. The Gran became increasingly nervous and told Trevor his life was in danger. Trevor tried to assure him that he would be safe as long as the Gran gave up his code to the door. In exchange they would get him off the station. Mak Aak jumped up and knocked his bar stool over, creating a loud noise that attracted all the attention he was trying to avoid. He picked his bar stool up and sat back down while Trevor tried to calm his nerves. Myla was looking around the crowd for anyone suspicious and saw a few men staring at her. Then staring at the video monitors around the bar, she looked up to see herself on screen, engaged in a compromising sexual position. Myla had no idea what to make of this; she had never made a pornographic film before, and the woman on the monitor wasn’t just someone that looked like her…it WAS her. Myla radioed Jinn to see if he saw what she saw and he confirmed it. While his attention was diverted, the mission took a decidedly more dangerous turn for the worse.

As Jinn looked on at the screen where Myla’s doppelganger was engaged in coitus, an assassin walked to the door of the cantina leveled his blaster pistol and fired…killing Mak Aak. Jinn turned quickly to see a Duros in a trench coat, running through the crowd. Jinn immediately jumped up and ran after the assassin. The Duros ducked behind a pillar, and Jinn planned to walk past him and then trail him. The assassin, however, was a professional. As soon as Jinn passed by the assassin, he grabbed him by the shoulders and put his blaster against Jinn’s head. Jinn pretended he didn’t know what was happening and tried to bluff his way out of the situation, claiming to be here to purchase slaves. The Duros wasn’t buying Jinn’s story and saw the rest of the Sunrunner crew running towards him; turning back to Jinn, the Duros realized he was cornered and fired. Jinn felt the blaster bolt hit him in the head, searing his flesh and scaring him deeply. Had he not been wearing his helmet he would have surely been killed, the pain was tremendous. Jinn dropped to the ground and felt the his wound sizzle, as the duros ran off.

Myla was the first to arrive and Jinn, still struggling to his feet, waved her off and pointed in the direction the assassin ran off to. Fi and Trevor quickly approached as Jinn stood upright, his senses returning. The group found a public terminal and began hacking into security to get control of the cameras to try and track the Duros. Myla had a good vantage point on him from her position on the upper catwalk; she radioed Jinn that the duros had ducked into the crowd. There was a slave auction currently running, and the crowd was rather sizable. A Twi’lek dancer was entertaining the crowd during what appeared to be an intermission. Myla wasn’t able to see where the Duros went, so she decided to come down to the crowd and watch the exits. Jinn walked up on stage and bribed the Gamorrean guard; as he entered the stage, various people in the crowd begin to offer prices for him as a slave. Jinn tried his best to calm the crowd, but they were in no mood. The Twi’lek tried to get him off the stage, but Jinn wanted to find the duros more than he wanted to give up the stage. So the Twi’lek removed him…forcibly. After she kicked him in the groin she rolled him off the stage. He landed on the ground, the crowd making no move to catch him. Jinn’s pride was hurt more than his groin—all the more reason to find the duros. At this time, Fi and Trevor found the Duros in the crowd with the security cameras. Trevor’s ingenuity again worked well: he placed the Duros up on the big screen at the slave auction with a flashing REWARD Known Imperial Spy sign with a KILL ON SIGHT order underneath it. As Jinn stood up, he managed to shake off the pain and smile, knowing they were close to finding the assassin. The Duros got up and tried to run, but a reward to kill on Rorak V is not something anyone can just walk away from.

Several people pulled out their blasters and opened fire. Myla found the Duros, tackled him and held him down. A Zabrak, wanting to collect on the soon-to-be-dead Duros, aimed his blaster carbine at them both, and uncaring that he would kill Myla as well, flipped the switch to automatic. Trevor and Fi arrived just in the nick of time. As the Zabrak was about to depress the trigger, Trevor came up behind him and placed two fingers between the trigger guard and the trigger, preventing him from firing. Myla deftly rolled off the Duros stepped on his hand before he could reach for his blaster, and fired her pistol…killing him instantly.

Trevor placed a few hundred credits in the Zabrak’s shirt and told him the reward had been claimed. He looked up at Trevor and walked off, satisfied with the credits he made by being at the right place at the right time. Jinn immediately searched the assassin’s body. He found the Duros’ elaborately decorated blaster pistol and gave it to Myla as a trophy; he found a data pad which he gave to Fi to decode, and a credit stick which he kept…Jinn felt he had earned it by being shot in the head and kicked in the groin by a rather pushy Twi’lek dancer. Unfortunately, it was all for nothing; the data pad was encrypted and any further attempts to decrypt it would result in the data being erased. However, as Trevor would point out, it wasn’t all for nothing. Before they ran off Trevor picked up the code cylinder they would need to get into the hangar where their Ang spice was being stored. The crew developed a plan they hoped would get them into the warehouse where the spice was stored. they would place Fi inside a large packing box, fill it with vids of Myla’s pornographic doppelganger and forge a fake manifest to trade the box for the three droids containing the Ang spice. If they were lucky their ploy would work and Fi would be inside; if it didn’t work then they would be in a rather dangerous position. Myla expressed concerns about the plan and Trevor looked around, getting a lay of the situation. He smiled and said, I have an idea, and closed up the box without the little Jawa inside. The group headed over to the Gulga’s docking spike.

The crew approached the docking official at Gulga’s hangar nearing the close of daily business. Trevor showed him the forged manifest and told him they were their to collect the droids and drop off the vids. The docking official wasn’t really buying the story but didn’t want Gulga to be upset if he was wrong. Fi went in unnoticed and walked the long distance towards the three Junk Fighters that held the droids with their cargo inside. He noticed the droids were phony, having decals and paint instead of lights and knobs on them. Fi opened them up and saw several bags of neatly separated quantities of Ang spice inside; no doubt they were to be smuggled somewhere. Trevor and the docking official argued back and forth, and Myla even lowered the zipper on her shirt a little, saying she was part of the deal….it did not work. The official called over his supervisor, a rather dower Kel Dorian. Along with the Kel Dorian came a brutish security guard and two Gamorrean thugs. The Kel Dorian official was eerily calm in flowing robes and rather ornate tattoo’s across his orange skin. Trevor recognized the tattoo’s as symbols of a rather skilled martial arts sect within Kel Dorian society. Trevor, in a desperate gamble, bluffed that the box was full of explosives and he would kill everyone if they didn’t let them go with the droids. The docking official fearing he was telling the truth ran away; the Kel Dor stood motionless as a statue, trying to get them into the hangar to avoid any sort of attention. As the tension continued to build, three pilots in flight suits arrived to take the Junk Fighters. Whatever was going to happen…..was going to happen now.

Suddenly, the Kel Dor supervisor delivered a crushing roundhouse kick to Trevor, knocking him flat on the ground. The two Gamorrean’s fanned out, while the brutish security guard drew his weapon on Myla. Jinn dropped the fake box and went to draw his weapon, but the box shifted and knocked the pistol out of his hand. Seeing the commotion Fi jumped into the fighter and powered it up, hoping to destroy the Ang spice shipments. Quickly seeing the fight break out, the three pilots immediately ran away, seeking cover from the inevitable exchange of blaster fire. One of the Gamorrean’s moved first and brought his vibroax down, very nearly crushing Trevor underneath it. Trevor returned fire, wounding the Gamorrean in the arm. Myla dodged several blaster bolts before firing at the brute guard in front of her, nailing him in the chest. Seemingly unfazed he leveled his blaster at her again, preparing to fire. Jinn reached out with the force and pulled his pistol into his hand, turned and fired at the Gamorrean, killing him before he could slam his vibroax into Trevor. Fi had powered up the closest Junk Fighter and turned the ship around, blasting one of the other ships to a pile of smoking debris. He maneuvered the ship in the tight confines of the hangar and destroyed the second ship. The little Jawa now turned his attention to aiding his friends; he brought the cannons of the ship to bear, but couldn’t fire without hitting his friends. He tried maneuvering again but crashed the ship into the wall getting a piece of a catwalk stuck in his wing. Trevor rolled onto his feet and leveled his carbine at the other Gamorrean and blasted, hitting him square in the chest; the guard let out a pained squeal as he died. Jinn turned in enough time to see Myla take a blaster bolt in her upper chest and drop to a knee, the security brute advancing on her. He aimed and pulled the trigger and killed the brute instantly with a clean shot to the head. Trevor noticed the Kel Dorian supervisor running away down the docking spike and aimed his Carbine at him, hitting him with several bolts as he slumped against the wall. The Sunrunner crew believed they were safe….they were wrong.

Trevor and Jinn heard a sickening sound—a metallic rolling coming down the hall; Myla saw the horror coming upon them. They all looked back and saw the docking port official, with a smug look on his face, as two droideka’s rolled past him. Both Trevor and Jinn dashed into the open hangar door as the droideka’s opened up and engaged their shields. Myla quickly rolled out of the way narrowly missing the blasts of their heavy repeating blasters. Trevor ran up the left side cat walk as Jinn ran up the right—both hoping to get to the crane lift controls. Myla took cover behind a stack of boxes and fired at the droideka’s. Fi saw his friends running into the hangar and saw a shielded droideka walk around the corner. In the cockpit he heard the warning alarms blaring that he was being targeted, and then the blasts from the droideka ripped into his ship he barely had enough time to raise the shields. He armed the ion cannon and returned fire, hitting the droideka and causing surges of electricity to rip through its body. Myla aimed at the other droideka and nailed it; however most of the damage was absorbed by its shields. The droideka then aimed at her and fired, hitting her deeply in the side. Jinn looked down and saw Myla dive back behind cover. The droideka then turned to see Jinn on the catwalk as he blasted with his pistol, nailing it in its ocular socket. Jinn then leaped over the side and rolled into cover. He stuck his head up in enough time to see the droideka turn and unleash a deadly salvo on Trevor as he made his way to the controls knocking him down…and out.

Jinn made the radio call that Trevor was down, but no one knew how badly he had been injured. Fi heard the call; though he and Trevor constantly were at odds with each other, they were still good friends. The Jawa devised a plan as daring as it was suicidal; he engaged the engines and brought them to full thrust. Jinn and Myla ducked behind cover, as the droideka turned back towards them. They both knew they were rapidly running out of options; they heard the sounds of the droideka approaching their position. Then, they heard the sound of something quite different. Simultaneously, outside the hangar, the smug docking official listened to the sounds of the droideka’s blasting away at those foolish enough to try and cheat Gulga. Oddly, he heard the sounds of rather large ship weapons, and then a sound he couldn’t place. It approached louder and louder; feeling rather safe that his droideka’s had the situation under control, he took a few steps forward to try and see what it was. Suddenly, the last Junk fighter came tearing through the hangar doors damaged and on fire with the broken remains of the droideka crushed beneath it. He looked on in terror at the seemingly empty cockpit, as two hands raised up just barely visible over the cracked and broken front windshield and gave him the finger. The cockpit opened halfway and fell off crashing to the floor as the tiny little Jawa jumped out and ran back into the Hangar. Jinn was the first to get to Trevor; he picked up the unconscious man, and Jinn slung him over his shoulder. Myla drew her weapon, and she and Fi watched Jinn’s back. They all ran out of the smoking ruins that was Gulga’s docking spike. Doing their best to avoid attention, they made their way to their ship. On the way, they were met by a friendly Gungan who offered to help them, Peppi Graff.

Peppi took them to a hotel suite he had on permanent reserve on Rorak V; it was obviously his home away from home while he was here. He waived off the protocol droid that greeted them and took them up into his room. He pulled down a panel revealing a rather extensive surgery system. Immediately, Peppi went to work on Trevor, repairing the damage and healing his wounds. Jinn positioned himself at the door while Fi and Myla looked on. Trevor came to, taking a gasping breath and looking around he saw Peppi and knew instantly where he was. Pepi helped Trevor up and told him that he owed Trevor for saving his life back on Corellia. Trevor thanked Pepi and said his goodbyes, they exchanged com frequencies hoping to meet up again. The crew quickly and quietly left the hotel suite and made it back to the Sunrunner. Hoping to slip out unnoticed, they disengaged the docking clamps and pulled out of the space port. They were unfortunately met by resistance as several of Gulga’s other Junk fighters began pursuing them. Jinn made his way up to the turret and warmed up the cannons. Trevor, still feeling the affects of coming as close to death as he wanted to that day, made quick calculations with the help of Myla co-piloting. They made the jump to Hyperspace before the fighters could get within weapons range. Jinn powered down the turret and made his way back to the cockpit to check on Trevor. The crew had successfully completed their mission from Kurka and lived to tell the tale. Seeing as how high profile their last job became, Jinn suggested they may want to lay low and heal for a period of time before moving on to the salvage mission that Rico Yavin had given them. This mission was always supposed to be dangerous, but it somehow seemed to get way out of hand…even by their standards. Now, they had a powerful Hutt looking to track them down, and they already had a brutal Wookiee bounty hunter on their tail. A free ship…always comes with a price.



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