The Sunrunner Legacy

Devastation and Deforestation

After wrapping up their (somewhat violent) business helping Peppi Graff acquire some much needed equipment and spare parts, the Sunrunner crew set course for the planet Honoghr. The stated reason was to try and find Jinn’s father’s Jedi trainer, but for once Fi voiced (so to speak) his support of the destination, saying that in so far as Jawas were capable of having academic interest in something, he was interested in following up on a lead he had gotten from Ridley’s uncle about some alien tech to be found there.

Upon arriving, the crew noted many signs of previous space battles, but everything was junked with one exception: shortly after the Sunrunner’s arrival a lone craft jumped to hyperspace and left the area. The crew shrugged their shoulders at each other and proceeded to scan the planet, which revealed massive pollution and toxins in addition to jungle pretty much everywhere. While muttering to himself and tapping away on the computers, Fi scanned the planet, looking for signs of the ruins that Max Ridley had described. Unfortunately a misplaced semicolon in his impromptu AI search heuristics meant that the scanners instead focused on a picturesque, but otherwise unremarkable waterfall.

“Wait!” Jinn blurted as Fi reared back to pound on the keyboard. “That’s where we need to go. That’s what I saw in my vision.” Trevor expressed skepticism over the mystical underpinnings of this plan, but he admitted that nobody had a better idea and so a landing zone was found some distance from the falls.

Decked out in fancy new gear for the occasion, the crew began cutting their way to the jungle. Along the way they encountered some of the local flora, which did its best to eat Jinn and spray Ridley with ichor. Fi calmly blew the living crap out of the beautiful flower, knocking down its arboreal home and clearing a convenient path to the falls.

Upon arriving at the waterfall, the party was greeted by more local wildlife, now in the form of short but stocky natives possessed of some of the most sophisticated pointy sticks that the planet had to offer. Maya showed them how blaster pistols worked, while Fi continued his “One Tree at a Time” planetwide deforestation initiative.

Things were about to get even more violent when one of the natives’ leaders showed up and barked a word that Jinn recognized. After some consideration and attempts at parlay, the native leader and his pack seemed to want the party to submit to rope bindings and come with them. Fi, Ridley, and even Maya demurred, feeling that they were, at present, comfortably positioned on the preferred end of a massacre and had no desire to change that. In the end, Jinn went with the natives, with the understanding that the rest of the party would come after him if needed.

And so the remaining crew began passing the time by alternatively glaring at the natives left to guard them and fashioning some kind of impromptu water treatment device.



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