The Sunrunner Legacy

Cold Storage

Of mynocs, zombies, and kumquats

250px mynock negasWhen we last left our “heroes” they were fending off a fearsome flock of mynocs while reeling in a cache of medical supplies and the damaged medical droid “A1m3.” While Jinn and Myla took potshots from the hull of the Sunrunner, Trevor suited up and went to join them. Since previous owners of the Sunrunner had apparently never planned on sending children into the deadly vacuum of space, Fi had no space suit and was stuck inside the ship, fiddling with switches and trying to play a game of “Whack-A-Mole” by sending power spikes wherever the vicious little bastards were. Also, he sent them to where the mynocs were. Eventually the mynocs were defeated and Temporary Acting Captain Fi reluctantly opened the airlock and allowed the rest of the crew back on board.

Upon returning to Nar Shaddaa and brokering a deal to sell the medkits, our heroes decided to relieve some stress by engaging in a little shopping! Among the purchases were a few grenades for Myla and Fi, which if this were a play would have been an example of setting Chekhov’s gun on the mantle, but which in this case was more like losing the keys to Chekhov car. Fi also paid Riko Yavin a visit to enlist his aid in upgrading his carbine blaster with an enhanced targeting system and a sweet ass paint job with flames and an awesome looking wizard on the stock.

After a brief consultation, the party decided to follow up on a lead from Earnest Eveningstar about the possible location of Caleb Star, Calen’s lost son, and his unnamed fiance. The plan involved forging some documents and buying out the entire inventory of Gus’s Discount Blankets and Shawls Emporium. Upon arriving at the frozen planet Jebble, however, the crew of the Sunrunner found it lifeless. Upon closer inspection they found that the most recently active site was a quarry with an exhausted generator and a scientistcicle outside. Fi immediately began complaining loudly and often that nobody had told him that this kind of cold was allowed to exist, much less exist somewhere he was expected to go.

After gaining access to the facility at the bottom of the quarry, the shivering Fi powered up a computer terminal and began investigating its records. Apparently this was a research facility owned by TaggeCo, and it had gone dark about 71 hours ago. Several mentions of biological agents, dangerous specimens, and a “Dr. Nill” were found under a computer directory labeled “Ominous References” but nothing on Caleb Star. The party decided to delve deeper into the facility.

Moving silently except for the sound of chattering Jawa teeth, the group climbed down an elevator shaft to access the Observation Lounge where they were attacked by a creature possessed of excess claws, rage, and mucus. The creature was defeated, but Jinn and Myla were both injured in the attack and immediately started to feel ill.
Elevator shaft
Finding another elevator shaft, the crew descended again towards Level 14. Unfortunately more of the savage creatures decided to come along with them, and a frantic game of “OH GOD, PLEASE DON’T LET ME FALL” was begun as they scampered down the vertical shafts and the crew had to choose between trying to complete their descent or fire up at them. Eventually they all made it to the bottom where they employed the well worn"pile the dead bodies over your escape hatch" gambit to elude further pursuit.

Down on Level 14, the crew eventually found survivors barricaded into a small room. The survivors turned out to be Caleb Star himself (minus fiance), a scientist, and a couple of other staff members wearing bright red shirts. The crew learned that there were suspended animation body bags similar to the ones found on the Sunrunner, and that the survivors had come from them. Something didn’t add up, though, so while Fi took out his datapad and began trying to locate the scientist on the facility employee directory, Trevor began questioning the survivors and growing suspicious of the scientist. Just as Fi came up with the scientist’s identity as “Dr. Nill,” the person at the head of the EZ Abomination Production Program, the scientist grabbed a hidden pistol and leveled it at Trevor. Fortunately (for the crew, anyway), one of the infected survivors completed its transformation and attacked the other redshirt. Nill was disarmed in the process and the crew informed him that he would be leading them to the labs where the antibodies for the infections could be found, as well as complete information on the program.
As is so often the case, however, a gang of hideous monsters was between our heroes and their objective on the other side of the reactor room. It was at this point that they learned about how talking about a complex and highly effective plan of lobbing a grenade into a tightly packed group of enemies is NOT the same as actually lobbing a grenade into a tightly packed group of enemies. In fact, just talking about it proved to be an extremely effective tactic for almost getting Jinn killed. But hey, the good news is that they conserved their grenades! Well, except for that one thrown right at the end.

Ultimately our heroes prevailed, despite the close call and despite Dr. Nill’s highly convincing impression of a chicken running around with its head cut off. They proceeded across the ruined reactor room and came to Dr. Nill’s office where they were surprised to find another visitor arrived ahead of them. A visitor dressed in battered Clone Trooper armor and wielding two lightsabers. Oh, crap! It’s Vandis!

So, heavily wounded and facing an opponent of unknown capabilities, the party immediately launched into advanced diplomacy and negotiation tactics. Tactics such as “Shouting Contradictory Commands,” and “Opening Fire,” and “Crumpling Lifeless to the Floor.” Fortunately (again, for our crew) the latter tactic was implemented by Dr. Nill, who died of natural causes in so much as getting stabbed through the chest by a lightsaber would, naturally, cause one to die.

That accomplished, though, Vandis turned to flee instead of face the Sunrunner crew in all their confused and impotent glory. Myla, however, retained enough wits about her to level her blaster at the fleeing figure and take a one-in-a-million shot at the data stick that he had pulled from Dr. Nill’s computer when they entered. The shot connected, obliterating Vandis’s precious collection of 1s and 0s. The villain continued to flee, however, and took the only elevator up while the rest of the party made their own copy of the files.

Thanks to Fi’s expert, repeated pressing of the elevator call button, the Sunrunner crew traveled back to the surface just in time to see Vandis’s ship heading for open space. Pursuing some personal agenda, Jinn used his burgeoning Force powers in an attempt to send the villain a menacing message of “Soon…” But thanks to an eddy in the mystic waters of the universe, the message was garbled and transformed to something more along the less ominous lines of “Kumquat…”

Kumquat indeed, Vandis. Kumquat.

Jinn Bedzon, feeling the disease coursing through his body felt he would surely die on this mission. He did not want to go to his death without his compatriots knowing who he truly was. While being attacked in the elevator shaft he drew, for the very first time amongst his shipmates, his lightsaber… and attacked the creature that was attacking him. He again ignited his lightsaber to cut a hole in the elevator to help his collegues escape the dreaded monsters. At the bottom of the Elevator he promised Trevor to answer all of his questions when they were safe. While they were confronting Vandis, with the effects of his disease worsening and coming closer to death than he had ever come before… he ignigted his lightsaber a final time. Believing he would die at the hands of Vandis, but hoping to save the lives of the ones he now could call… friends.


So, this is probably the best adventure log I have ever read. Kudo’s Jamie…or I guess Kumquat Jamie!

Cold Storage

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